Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey update van vandaag voegt nieuwe quest en level-cap ophoging toe

Vorige week maakte Ubisoft bekend wat update 1.0.7 zoal doet voor Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Deze update zal vandaag verschijnen, zo heeft de uitgever laten weten, en met een grootte van 2.5GB valt het erg mee. Ondanks dat kent deze update wel een uitgebreide changelog.

Hieronder hebben we alle details voor je en als je geen zin hebt om de hele waslijst door te nemen, dan is het overzichtje dat als eerste komt voldoende. Die vat de belangrijkste punten even kort samen. Let overigens op als je verder scrollt, er zitten wat forse spoilers in de changelog. Die zijn overigens dikgedrukt aangeduid.


  • Increased Level Cap from 50 to 70.
  • Improved Photo Mode functionality (more details below).
  • Added Detailed Mercenary Benefits page to the game.
  • Improved Smart Loot System – it will now reward more gear of preferred playstyle.
  • Added an option to the game to toggle XP and drachmae boosts on/off in the inventory.
  • Addressed an issue that could prevent Mercenary Live Events from appearing.
  • Addressed various issues that prevented quests from completing – including Home Sweet Home, Perikles’ Symposium, and Mother’s Prayers.
  • Clothes Physics are not capped to 30FPS anymore but scale with selected graphics settings.

New content

  • Added support for the second Lost Tale of Greece – A Divine Intervention.
  • The quest “Test of Judgment” will be available in-game upon installing version 1.0.7.
  • Available from Episode 5.
  • Located in Korinth, the quest will be added to the quest log once the quest giver was found.

Features & improvements

NEW! Visual Customization System

  • Added a Visual Customization System page to the inventory.
  • This lets you change the visual appearance of gear items while keeping their original stats.
  • Check out our latest article for more details on Transmog.

NEW! Detailed Mercenary Benefits page

  • You can now access the Detailed Mercenary Benefits page from the Mercenary menu.
  • The Detailed Mercenary Benefits page will showcase all Tier Benefits and their statuses (unlocked/not unlocked).

NEW! Level Cap Increase to 70

  • If you were Level 50 already, XP gained prior to this increase will automatically be transferred into ability points. XP gained prior the patch will not increase the Level.

Photo Mode Improvements

  • Added a Contrast option, more grid types, and an option to hide headgear to the game.
  • Added Fog and Bloom options
  • Tilt angle increased from 45° to 90°.
  • Improved auto-focus functionality.
  • Improved display of liked photos on the world map.
  • Added a Preview button to immediately hide the UI.
  • Pressing any button when the UI is hidden will now bring the UI back automatically.


  • Discounts from Mercenary Tier benefits will now be displayed at the Blacksmith.
  • Added support for future Live encounters.
  • Added an option to the game to toggle XP and drachmae boosts on/off in the inventory.
  • Improved hitboxes of legendary animals.
  • Added some more NPCs to various NPC stations (marketplaces, tanning spots, etc.).
  • Added achievement/trophy for Divine Intervention to the game.


  • Improved Smart Loot System – It will now reward more gear of the preferred playstyle.



  • Addressed several issues that prevented players who are meditating from calling Phobos or summoning the Adrestia.
  • Players will no longer receive kill rewards when an animal is untamed due to environmental influences.
  • Addressed an issue with Horse Follow Road that could send players to an active quest marker rather than to the selected custom marker destination.
  • Addressed an issue with the Call to Arms ability that led an unexpected lieutenant to come for help.
  • Addressed various issues that caused the player to get stuck in objects or fall through the map.


  • Addressed various issues with the placement of multiple objects, including Orichalcum across Greece.
  • Addressed an issue where Sargon – Oikos of the Olympians – could sometimes be MIA.
  • In Nisyros and on Melos Island, players will now incur damage from black lava, as intended.


  • Addressed various issues that prevented the following quests from completing:
  • -And The Streets Run Red
  • -Minotour De Force
  • -Home Sweet Home
  • -Mother’s Prayers
  • -Perikles’ Symposium
  • -Clothes Make The Daughter
  • -We Will Rise
  • -Sparring with Roxana
  • -A Venomous Encounter (didn’t appear on the map)
  • Addressed an issue in Stairway to Olympus that could cause the game to freeze temporarily when opening the door.
  • Addressed an issue in Witness Him that caused Alkibiades to moonwalk in the background of a cutscene. Beat it, Alki!
  • The Family Ties quest will now appear properly when conditions are met.
  • The carpet will no longer be magically floating in Sharp Tongue.
  • Addressed an issue in Ashes to Ashes that caused the player to be teleported to Andros unintentionally.
  • Players will no longer be able to equip gear during the fight in Pankration.
  • Addressed an issue in Escort Service that could cause the quest to skip the boarding scenario.
  • Addressed an issue that caused players to desynchronize when using Falx of Olympos in the Battle of Pylos.
  • Addressed an issue that allowed “Destroy War Supplies for Faction X in Region Y” type of quests to be completed in any nation of the required faction, rather than in the quest-specific nation.
  • Addressed an issue in We’re Treasure Hunters that could lead Obelia’s ship to leave the action area.
  • [SPOILER] Elpenor’s gear will now be looted automatically after killing him.
  • [SPOILER] Addressed an issue in Consulting a Ghost that caused the quest objective “Find and interrogate the Oracle” to disappear from the quest log after being desynchronized.
  • [SPOILER] Addressed an issue in A Life’s Dedication that prevented the player from talking to Eppie after investigating the tomb.
  • [SPOILER] During Sacred Favors, the Trojan Horse will now be visible.
  • [SPOILER] The Plague will now cover all of Kephallonia when conditions are met.
  • [SPOILER] After completing Atlantis Destroyed, Pythagoras will no longer be found with the Staff in Atlantis.

Graphics and Animations, Audio

  • Addressed various weather, lighting, and terrain texture issues.
  • Addressed various animation issues with the character, NPCs, Mythical Creatures, and animals.
  • Addressed various gear clipping or texture issues for character and NPCs.
  • Addressed an issue that caused silo explosions not to be heard when not in the field of view of the player.

User Interface, Menu, and Subtitles

  • Addressed a variety of general UI/HUD display issues.
  • Addressed various subtitle sync and localization errors.
  • Corrected some bounty display inconsistencies between sponsors vs. bounty display on the map.
  • The “-1 Adrenaline Cost for Overpower Abilities” engraving will now remain active after loading screens.
  • Addressed an issue where Damage weapon–type engravings are not multiplied when applied to multiple items.
  • Removed a spoiler from the description of the Cult crew theme.

Character and AI

  • Addressed an issue causing abilities to be ignored by NPCs lighting braziers.
  • NPCs or animals will no longer set the player on fire. Man’s not hot.
  • NPCs will no longer attack when players fight animals with a bow.
  • Leader and their bodyguards will no longer attack the player when they’re in the quest board or blacksmith menu.
  • Addressed an issue that caused mercenary pets to be spawned very far away from their owner.
  • Addressed an issue after meditation that prevented players from being able to pet tamed animals.
  • Addressed an issue with two rogue Council chamber guards who didn’t bother guarding the location they were supposed to.
  • Addressed an issue with the Olourous Fortress location where the location wouldn’t be marked as completed when conditions are met.
  • Addressed an issue that caused NPCs not to ignite the brazier after investigating a dead body.

Photo Mode

  • Addressed an issue that could cause headgear to disappear after exiting Photo Mode.
  • Addressed an issue that sometimes could make the Reset text disappear in composition and edit mode of Photo Mode.
  • Naval aiming curve will no longer be visible in Photo Mode.
  • Blood effects will no longer fade away in Photo Mode.
  • Addressed an issue in Photo Mode where the D-Pad could lose its functionality, making it impossible to modify photos.


  • Addressed an issue with occasionally inconsistent shield colors on the Adrestia.
  • Addressed an issue during boarding that caused enemy NPCs not to react to range attacks.
  • Addressed an issue that caused ships to be the same level as the player rather than the region’s level.
  • Addressed an issue during boarding where enemies would sometimes not engage in fights.

Performance and Stability

  • Improved stability and performance of the game application.
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Assassin's Creed: Odyssey


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  1. Anoniem -'s avatar

    Echt fantastisch spel!

  2. Anoniem -'s avatar

    Ja super game!

  3. Anoniem -'s avatar

    Vet! Raak er ook niet op uitgekeken.

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    Ben er al 70 uur mee bezig en nog niet op de helft. Echt top spel.

  5.    724 XP
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    Voorlopig dit spel op hold gezet ivm RDR 2. Spel is echt nice. Met de nodige updates zal het nog beter worden.

  6. Anoniem -'s avatar

    Idd lekkere vakantie gevoel. Top spel

  7. Anoniem -'s avatar

    Deze game is geweldig daar kan RDR2 puntje aan zuigen.

  8. Anoniem -'s avatar droom lekker verder ben gestopt met ac juist vanwege red dead daarna komt ac wel weer xegt al genoeg en ken er zo heel veel grafisch is het mwah red dead word je wegeblazen

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    Wacht het geduldig af.

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    heerlijke game

  12. Anoniem -'s avatar

    Ik moet zeggen dat ik me meer vermaakt heb met AC dan met RDR2.

  13.    2 XP
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    Ga er ook aan beginnen,met Origins veel plezier beleefd,rdr2 gaat voorloig aan de kant,slaapverwekkend traag

  14.    3920 XP
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    Het is net dat het grafisch mooier is geworden, speel het nu elke dag en het blijft een zalige spel. Ben nu lvl 51 juist wnr je level 70 kan bereiken lol. 80 uurtjes opzitten nog 20 te gaan!

  15.    3920 XP
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    @snoekie: na 90 uur rdr2 spelen is odyssey echt een goede afwisseling alles gaat gwn sneller en vloeiender. Gwn da looten gaat smooth! Gelukkig heb ik eerst rdr 2 uitgespeeld en dan verder gegaan met Odyssey.

  16.    3920 XP
    20style [20]'s avatar grafisch vind ik beide prachtig op hun eigen stijl. Odyssey is meer kleurrijker en zonniger, en rdr 2 vind ik meer film achtig allebei zalige games. Regen vind ik dan bij rdr 2 het beste van de 2. Ieder zijn smaak natuurlijk

  17. Anoniem -'s avatar

    @20style [20]: enige waar ik nu na 90u tegenaan loop is dat ik al lang lvl 50 was en alle optionele missies etc gedaan had. Heb 10 skillpoints gekregen die ik niet nodig had, maar nu dus eigenlijk niks meer op de kaart om nog echt mee te lvlen behalve van het board of conquests oid. Tot er DLC komt is het voor mensen zoals ik niet echt erg spannend meer.

  18. Anoniem -'s avatar

    @snoekie: Om die reden heb ik rdr2 na anderhalf uur ofzo al aan de kant gegooid. Mijn god wat is dat een trage gameplay

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    Wat zeg je nou allemaal? Ik kan niets uit je verhaal opmaken.

  20.    3920 XP
    20style [20]'s avatar ja denk ook dat die level cap tot 70 speciaal voor de mensen die de DLc hebben aangeschaft. Bij origins was dit zeker het geval. Maar ik ga de DLc niet aanschaffen heb ook bijna alle missies en side quests gedaan en nog 2 eilanden verkennen en tis gedaan lol