Battlefield V is nu bijna een week officieel verkrijgbaar en hoewel de game in de basis prima is, mist er nog het één en ander aan content en tevens lopen spelers tegen issues aan. DICE is hier natuurlijk mee bezig en ze hebben een indicatie gegeven van wat we deze week zoal mogen verwachten.

Deze week verschijnt er in ieder geval een server update, mogelijk dat die zich richt op de ‘time-to-kill’, waar we afgelopen weekend al over schreven. Verder zal DICE deze week meer bekendmaken over Tides of War: Chapter 1 dat op 4 december zal verschijnen.

Coming This Week

  • Call to Action
  • Only in Battlefield Moments – Here’s you chance to share your best OIB moments with us for possible sharing on the Battlefield channels. Bring your best!


  • Battlefield V Server Update – Some tweaks and improvements on the server side that should resolve some outstanding issues. This will not require a client update.


  • Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture Teases – We’re starting to hype up the upcoming release of Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture. Stay tuned as we roll out news and information.
  • Battlefield V Airlift Drops – A blog detailing the various Airlifts you get with Deluxe Edition.

Sinds het uitbrengen van een update voor de game op 14 november heeft DICE geen grote update meer op de game losgelaten. Hierover ontstonden wat vragen en DICE heeft hier nu antwoord op gegeven. Zo heeft de ontwikkelaar laten weten dat de eerstvolgende update voor de game op 4 december verschijnt, samen met Tides of War – Chapter 1: Overture.


  • Vraag: How come we didn’t get an update upon Standard Edition launch to fix some of the more prominent issues we’re experiencing?
  • Jaqub Ajmal (Producer): We’ve been working on a new update coming right out of the Battlefield V 11-14-2018 update released the day before Deluxe Edition launch. There’s always a need to measure the risk of adding more to an update that is being worked on. For example, we could already be in the test verification phase of an upcoming update when a new issue is found by the players and adding more fixes to it might invalidate previous testing which essentially means starting that process again from the beginning, leading to an update that would most likely have to be delayed. So, we’ve lined up a new update to drop on December 4th with the Tides of War: Chapter 1 Overture release.


  • Vraag: Why can’t we cut down fences with our melee weapon anymore?
  • Dan Mitre (Global Community Manager): We’ve placed more of an importance on the ability to build (and destroy) objects that have a strategic value on the Battlefield: fortifications. Therefore, our system focuses on the ability to build these up quickly (Support gets a build perk) and destroying them with ample power (tank shell, grenade, AT rocket, etc.).


  • Vraag: Will we get the ability to earn more tokens in the future to unlock other customization items?
  • Ryan McArthur (Producer): There’s nothing planned at the moment.


  • Vraag: Will you be addressing the low volume of enemy footstep audio?
  • John Wasilczyk (Executive Producer): This is something we are investigating. We’ll let you know more once we have more information to share.


  • Vraag: Will players get retroactively awarded Company Coin for the coin they missed by being max Rank?
  • JW: Ensuring our players feel rewarded, even at max rank, is important. We are also looking further into this and will share information once we’re ready.