Fallout 76 krijgt volgende week patch en dit is de changelog

Voor Fallout 76 staat er weer een nieuwe patch gepland die de nodige bugs moet oplossen. Daar zijn er nog een aantal van, dus er zullen ongetwijfeld nog veel patches gaan volgen met fixes en nieuwe content, die van Fallout 76 de topgame moeten maken die het had moeten zijn.

Deze patch is gelukkig een stuk kleiner dan die van 19 november, die maar liefst 45GB groot bleek te zijn. Dit keer is het slechts 3GB op de consoles en slechts 36MB op de pc, een stuk beter dus.

Check de changelog hieronder.

Fallout 76 update patch notes

Patch size and version

The size of this update will be significantly smaller across all three platforms than the one releases on November 19. On consoles, the download size will be approximately 3GB, and around 36MB for PC.

  • Xbox:
  • PS4:
  • PC:


  • Performance: PC framerates are once again uncapped. However, reaching very high framerates will no longer cause movement speed to increase. This was originally fixed in the November 19 patch.
  • Stability: The Fallout 76 game client and servers have received additional stability improvements.

C.A.M.P., Crafting and Workshops

  • Stash: Maximum stash storage has been increased by 50%, to 600 pounds. This is a conservative adjustment, and we plan to increase the storage cap further in the future once we’ve verified this change does not impact the stability of the game.


  • Enemies: XP rewards for killing high-level creatures have been reduced.
  • Bosses: Fixed an issue affecting instanced Boss loot. Players should now correctly receive 2-4 items per boss, depending on the creature’s difficulty and level.
  • Weapons: Automatic weapon damage has been increased by approximately 20% across the board.


  • Weapon Effects: Hitting another player with a Cryolator now applies a Chilled, Frosted, or Frozen status based on how many times they are hit. The duration of movement speed reductions applied by these effects have been significantly decreased.

Bug Fixes 

Stability and Performance

  • Console: Fixed an issue that could cause the player to encounter an infinite loading screen when signing out of their console account while playing Fallout 76.
  • Xbox: Addressed a crash that could occur when sending multiple team invites immediately after exiting Vault 76 to a player who is not a friend.


  • Power Armor: Fixed an issue affecting Power Armor frames that could prevent the player from exiting their Power Armor.
  • Nuke Silos: Flipboards inside Nuke Silos no longer display portions of launch codes too soon after the codes were reset for the week.

C.A.M.P., Workshops and Crafting 

  • C.A.M.P.: Moving C.A.M.P. locations will now correctly move standalone items built by the player into the build menu’s Stored tab.
  • Workshops: On PS4, wires will no longer appear to float in mid-air when attempting connect two or more objects.
  • Turrets: Will no longer become invisible if the player is not present at their C.A.M.P. when their turrets are destroyed.


  • Perk Cards: Ranking up a Perk Card will no longer cause a duplicate card to appear.


  • Teams: Fixed an issue that could prevent a team from being correctly formed in a game world after creating the team on the Main Menu when both players are using new characters.
  • Teams: Display durations for social notification have been reduced when many notifications are pending. This should help address an issue in which players did not see that they successfully joined a team.


  • Mutations: The Electrically Charged and Unstable Isotope Mutations no longer provide the player with bonus Health.

User Interface

  • AFK: Players will now be disconnected from a game world after 10 minutes of inactivity and will be prompted with a timer 1 minute before being kicked.
  • Atomic Shop: On PC, cursor position will no longer be disjointed from clicks in the Atomic Shop while using 16:10 resolutions.
  • Enemies: Red crosshairs and enemy health bars will no longer persist on-screen when an enemy is no longer in view.
  • Localization: Subtitles will now appear correctly, and English voiceover will play for game clients in languages that do not have their own localized voiceover when listening to a Holotape or interacting with robots.
  • Pip-Boy: Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate data to appear in the Pip-Boy’s Stat and Effects interfaces.
  • Respawn: Dying while severely overencumbered will no longer remove all map markers when attempting to respawn. Instead, the player can now respawn at the nearest discovered Map Marker.
  • Quest Tracker: Quest objective notifications will no longer appear for inactive Quests immediately upon connecting to a world.
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    Het past op 1 pagina. Dan zal het nog wel mee vallen.

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    Dit is geen een pagina dan heb jij te veel bier op

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    Deze game heeft 100 pagina’s nodig met fixes ;D

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    @2001:1c03:3000:7700:18bc:8349:9171:1.xxx: Nou, met een beetje passen lukt het wel op 1 pagina. Ik heb alleen wat paddo’s op! Ga zo over op L.S.D.

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    AFK: Players will now be disconnected from a game world after 10 minutes of inactivity and will be prompted with a timer 1 minute before being kicked.

    ehhh wtf?

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    Ben het met hem eens dit is geen hele pagina maar een halve

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    Ik heb enorm veel lag als ik een spel begin en tijdens het spelen lage textures. Hoe het spel er nu uit ziet had het op 60fps moeten draaien op de ps4-pro en Xbox-oneX

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    Kunnen ze ook patchen dat een nylon tas weer van goeie stof wordt?

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    wat een grap

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    @ps3dennis: dat is niet om te laggen

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