Vorige week kondigde Ubisoft nieuwe content aan voor The Crew 2 en die content zal morgen verschijnen. Met update 1.05 voor de racegame wordt deze nieuwe content toegevoegd en het gaat hier om een aantal nieuwe voertuigen, de Demolition Derby discipline, activiteiten en meer.

Voor een duidelijk overzicht heeft de uitgever alvast de patch notes van update 1.05 vrijgegeven en die hebben we hieronder voor je geplaatst.

New Discipline: Demolition Derby (DD)

In a cloud of smoke and a cacophony of grinding gears, Demolition Derby is crashing into the Freestyle Family to bring brand new, unique gameplay to Motornation. Get behind the wheel (and roll bars) of 100% destructible vehicles, in two exclusive spots that are home to the discipline’s 8 whacky events.

New Vehicles

A total of fourteen new vehicles will be coming to The Crew® 2 with the Demolition Derby update. We’d like to unveil the first six for you here, starting with four Fender Demolition Derby cars available to earn or purchase with in-game credits from December 5:


New Activities

Events & Skills – Like our first update in September, The Crew® 2 Demolition Derby will also be adding brand new events to existing disciplines, namely Drift, Alpha Grand Prix and Rally Cross. You can also get ready to experience the latest episode of the LIVE Xtrem Series: Holiday Special, as well as 10 new skills in free drive.

Live Contracts – The LIVE Bus is now up and running in every HQ, offering players Daily Contracts with Crew Credit rewards. These contracts are random and different for each player, and can be based in any in-game activity: events, skills, photo ops, treasure hunts, freestyle, roaming…

Players receive one contract per day, as well as one reroll. There is no time-limit and uncompleted contracts will appear the following day, along with the new daily contract, up to a maximum of three stacked contracts.

Photo Set – Eight new Demolition-themed photo quests will also be available in our December update.

PvP – Last but certainly not least, The Crew® 2 Demolition Derby is bringing PvP to Motornation!