Ubisoft blijft Ghost Recon: Wildlands ondersteunen met nieuwe content en activiteiten en het ziet er niet naar uit dat die ondersteuning snel zal stoppen. Gisteren is Special Operations 3 van start gegaan en ditmaal tref je Ghost Recon: Future Soldier gethematiseerde content in de game aan.

Bij de start van een nieuw seizoen hoort natuurlijk ook een update en die is vanzelfsprekend al beschikbaar. De details hebben we echter nog niet met je gedeeld, dus dat doen we vandaag. Hieronder alle informatie van update 1.26 voor Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

PvE / General Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where there was a delay in spawning enemies when reaching an area too fast
  • Fixed an issue in PvE where the SAM Launcher lock-sound can be heard after the mission fail screen
  • Fixed an issue where after the Civilian Casualties screen, the player can afterward kill an infinite number of civilians/rebels in that session
  • Fixed several cases where using Iron Sights would cause the camera to clip through the player
  • Fixed an issue where the inside of the player’s head would appear while aiming and failing a mission
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong Dutch patch was used in the game
  • Clarified Prestige related texts in the Tier One tutorial to clear up misunderstandings

Operation Watchman / Operation Archangel

  • Fixed an audio issue where audio and subtitles would be missing while on Sam Fisher and Caveira’s cinematic dialogues if the AI Teammates were turned off


  • Fixed an issue with character models where the arm would become overly stretched on the LVOA if the M203 GL was attached
  • Fixed an issue where the Close Crate button would remain on the screen in certain situations

Store, Items, & Weapons

  • Fixed an issue with the LVOA’s extended magazine having a different placement in the Weaponsmith as it does in the game world
  • Fixed a texture issue with patches when equipping both the Crye 2 shirt and certain vests.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tier One Booster doesn’t provide your teammates with 25% bonus XP
  • Fixed a weapon issue with the M4 Super 90 missing a scope option
  • Fixed a weapon issue with the MR Super 90 having misaligned sights
  • Fixed a customization issue where equipping a costume or icon would also equip a military zipper shirt
  • Fixed a weapon attachment issue where the Digital scope of the Z93 AMR would clip through the character’s head while firing in ADS
  • Fixed a Weapon skin issue where the Llama Paint pre-set scheme is replaced with the Wolf Skin on the barrel of a weapon
  • Updated the Predator Helmet so that it has the same effect as the Predator Mask
  • Fixed an issue with the Fuze icon where the camera would clip through the model when in ADS
  • Fixed an issue where weapons clipped through the backpack when using the “Jumping Jacks” emote
  • Fixed a missing texture on the Vigil Icon
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Hold for Store’ button is present for Sonar Goggles
  • Fixed an issue where the player is redirected to Prestige Crates from weapons that are unlockable through Spec Ops Crates
  • Fixed an issue where some Year 2 specific items would instead redirect the player to Prestige Crates store page
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Russian red dot’ scope was inconsistent between shotguns and other weapons
  • Fixed an issue where the Caveira gloves had clipping issues on right wrist
  • Fixed an issue where the Bandages Gloves had clipping issues on both wrist
  • Fixed an issue where the Surgical gloves have clipping issues on the right wrist
  • Fixed several instances where ADS’ing as Sledge would cause the wielded pistol to clip through the character’s hand


All Platforms

  • Fixed an issue where the “Armory” Challenge in uPlay would not unlock if the user had purchased a class from the store
  • Fixed an issue where a player could shoot while also interacting with and diffusing a mine
  • Fixed an issue with the Echelon where if their sonar ability was active at the end of a round, in the following round any class chosen by the player would have Sonar instead of Night Vision goggles and would be unable to turn them off once turned on
  • Fixed an issue with the Surgeon where it would not be able to heal an ally standing inside the Toxic’s smoke ability
  • Fixed an issue on Factory where players could become trapped between some props
  • Fixed a HUD issue where the UI would still display suppressor text even after removing the suppressor
  • Fixed an issue where a player would be stuck with looping defusing sound if they stepped away mid-diffusal
  • Fixed an exploit in PvP where killing a hostage would count towards challenge completion
  • Fixed an exploit in PvP on Dust Town where players were able to clip through the mesh to reach an inaccessible area
  • Fixed missing camo colors names from Character Smith in PvP
  • Fixed an issue in PvP where the camera view for the Attackers would flicker
  • Fixed an issue in PvP where the winner text on the victory screen would not appear
  • Fixed an issue in PvP where classes would be delayed in appearing on the victory screen
  • Fixed an issue in PvP where the Fighting Spirit perk heal would heal the players inside the Toxic gas
  • Fixed an issue in PvP where killed players or spectators would not be able to view the tacmap directly until revived
  • Fixed an issue in PvP where some teammates HP bars would show some HP even if they are dead
  • Fixed an issue in PvP where activating the Echelon’s sonar ability would permanently replace the night vision activation sound until reboot


  • Fixed an issue where users would receive a “Kick for idle” prompt after several revive attempts
  • Fixed an issue on the mini-map where downed teammate icons would not be visible