For Honor’s derde seizoen kent zijn kick-off op 31 januari en alvorens het zover is komt Ubisoft eerst met een nieuwe patch. Deze patch voegt een nieuwe hero toe, nieuwe map en enkele verse specials.

De patch kent versienummer 2.04 en is best ingrijpend voor de game. Ubisoft heeft namelijk laten weten dat de manier waarop player skill wordt berekend onder de loep is genomen. Zij hebben hierdoor aanpassingen aangebracht en dus zijn de skill ratings voorzien van een reset.

Bekijk de volledige changelog hieronder.


  • The Black Priors are protectors of the battlefield. Masters of the sword and shield, their powerful defense is their offense. Bulwark Stance allows them to block attacks from all directions and Bulwark Counter can negate any attack as long as it is timed correctly.
  • Difficulty: Easy-Medium
  • Defense Specialist
  • Strong Support Abilities

Special Capabilities

  • Bulwark Stance: Special Stance that blocks all incoming Attacks
  • Bulwark Slash: Powerful attack that can be Feinted
  • Bulwark Counter: Negates all opponents’ Attacks and Unblockables. It does not work on Guard Break.


  • The Black Priors arrived at this port town on the shores of Lake Eitrivatnen to help the Knights defend against their enemies.
  • The map is available in Dominion, Elimination, Skirmish, Brawl and Duel.


  • Now only winning or losing a match has an impact on your personal Skill Rating.
  • To allow this change to have the proper impact on matchmaking, we are resetting the Skill Rating of every player.

New Arcade Rewards

  • Weekly unique Arcade: Pink Plasma Shock Effect.
  • Regular unique Arcade: Altered Reality Battle Outfit.

Trial Rewards Update

  • Added Ornaments and Character Symbols for Wu Lin Heroes and Black Prior

New Winter Items

  • New Winter-themed Mask outfits are now available for all heroes!
  • 1 new different Legendary “Icy” Weapon is available for the 22 characters

New Gear

  • Discover new Legendary gear, for the Heroes that released before Year 1 Season 1 by looting and scavenging the battlefield: 1 new Legendary Weapon, 1 Legendary armor set for Wu Lin Heroes.
  • The Black Prior come with: 25 new Weapons (different rarities), 12 armor sets (different rarities).