IO Interactive heeft bekendgemaakt wat Hitman 2 spelers de komende weken mogen verwachten en dat is best wel wat. Zo is het de bedoeling dat er wekelijks nieuwe content of een activiteit naar de game komt, huurmoordenaars hebben dus ook in maart zeker weer wat te doen.

We hebben de komende weken even kort hieronder voor je op een rijtje gezet. Daaronder kun je meer specifieke toelichting vinden. IO Interactive heeft verder laten weten dat er op 26 maart een nieuwe update voor de game verwacht mag worden. Die richt zich op verbeteringen en bugs.

  • Nu – Elusive Target: Elizabeth ‘The Politician’ Keating in Hawke’s Bay. Beschikbaar tot 18 maart.
  • 14 maart – Challenge Pack: Zes nieuwe uitdagingen op het Isle of Sgàil.
  • 21 maart – Featured Contracts: Nieuwe community contracten in het thema van ‘Murphy’s Luck’.
  • 26 maart – Sniper Assassin Map: Een nieuwe map voor de Sniper Assassin modus.
  • 28 maart – Escalation Contract: In Colombia zul je al je skills en wapens moeten aanwenden om te overleven.
  • 29 maart – Legacy Elusive Target: The Black Hat keert terug uit Hitman en hij zal te vinden zijn in Parijs.

Elusive Target

This Elusive Target comes with a twist; the target has a body double. You’ll have to figure out who is the real target and eliminate them to complete the mission. Don’t worry if you also eliminate the body double, you won’t fail the mission, but your rating will obviously take a hit.

Read more about this contract in our dedicated The Politician blog post.

Challenge Pack

It’s always the butler’s fault, right? They’re always the first to get the blame. Well, this time it’s true.

The Butler Did It Challenge Pack puts you in the shoes of a butler in the Isle of Sgàil and tasks you with completing six challenges – all whilst disguised as the butler. You won’t be opening doors and welcoming guests though.

Complete all 6 challenges and you’ll unlock your very own “Feather Duster”, a throwable non-lethal melee item. Cleaning has never been more fun – or dangerous!

Featured Contracts

Each month, we challenge our community to create interesting, exciting and fun contracts that match a theme. Inspired by the Saint known as Patrick, who is often celebrated in March, we’re setting this month’s theme as ‘Murphy’s Luck’.

The themes are purposefully open-ended to make sure that Contract creators can interpret it in many ways and approach their Contract from different angles.

Sniper Assassin Map

Owners of Expansion Pack 1 and the Expansion Pass can look forward to a new Sniper Assassin map arriving on March 26! Agent 47 will be arriving in a new location, with a new rifle and will have 3 targets and their bodyguards in his sights. Complete challenges and unlock rifle upgrades and score modifiers to top the leaderboards.

The Sniper Assassin Mode also allows you to play online coop as Stone or Knight and complete the contract with a friend to challenge at the top of the multiplayer leaderboards.

Escalation Contract

You’re back in Colombia and the situation is tense. Really tense. You’ll need to use all of your skills and weapons to survive – including El Matador; a beautiful, powerful and golden drug lord hand cannon.

This beast of a gun packs a serious punch with body-piercing rounds and increased damage across all ranges! It’s the sort of gun that you want to use all the time…

If you can earn the Silent Assassin rating on the third and final stage of the Delgado Larceny Escalation Contract, you’ll unlock El Matador for keeps!

Legacy Elusive Target

We’re rounding out the month with a Legacy Elusive Target in Paris. The Black Hat is a fan-favourite Elusive Target from HITMAN that has a penchant for a particular brand of cheap fruit jam.

He’ll be appearing in HITMAN 2 for the first time on March 29 for 10 days. Eliminate him to unlock the Tuxedo with Gloves suit.