Op 9 april verschijnt Dangerous Driving wat een spirituele opvolger op Burnout is, gemaakt door Three Fields Entertainment. Deze ontwikkelaar bestaat onder andere uit oud-Criterion ontwikkelaars, dus de verwachtingen voor deze nieuwe game zijn best wel hooggespannen.

Met de naderende release heeft de ontwikkelaar nu veel nieuwe details bekendgemaakt. Zo bevat de game maar liefst 30 tracks waarop je kunt racen en de hoeveelheid modi is ook niet verkeerd, gezien er maar liefst 9 zijn. Hieronder per modus een nadere toelichting.

  • Race – Takedown based race against 5 AI opponents. Players fight to be first. Dangerous and aggressive driving (near misses, drifting, driving in oncoming, near misses, battling) all earn boost allowing players to go even faster.
  • Heatwave – A race focused on speed. Takedowns are not active, so players must rely on their racing skills. Dropping a whole boost bar in one go refills the boost (called a Heatwave), allowing players to chain these together.
  • Face Off – 1 on 1 events against a rival to win their car. The rival is racing flat out so the only way to win is to slow them down via takedowns, whilst trying to avoid crashing.
  • Shakedown – A fast lap against the clock. Medals are awarded based on time alone.
  • Eliminator – One competitor is eliminated each lap in this 5 lap race. If players are in last place the position counter will flash red. Takedown rivals to get ahead and avoid elimination.
  • GP – Players compete across 3 takedown race events to see who will win overall. Points are carried forward.
  • Survival – A solo event where players race through a series of checkpoints – how long can players survive without crashing or running out of time?
  • Pursuit – Play as the police and takedown targets before they escape.
  • Road Rage – Players must score as many takedowns as possible against the clock.