Ubisoft heeft de eerste post-launch content update voor The Division 2 uitgebracht en die stelt spelers zoal in staat om een nieuwe Stronghold te betreden. Meer inhoudelijke informatie kun je terugvinden in ons eerdere bericht, met daarin meer specifieke details.

Om dit alles in de game in orde te maken, is The Division 2 gisteren voor drie uur offline geweest en nadien heeft Ubisoft een nieuwe update uitgerold. Naast dat de nieuwe content wordt toegevoegd, worden er ook de nodige issues aangepakt en dat brengt ons bij de onderstaande changelog.

Tidal Basin Stronghold

  • With this update, the Black Tusk Stronghold Tidal Basin is unlocked. It is the last of the four Strongholds that need to be conquered to progress to World Tier 5.

World Tier 5 Unlocks

  • Once you have completed the Tidal Basin Stronghold on World Tier 4, you will be transferred automatically to World Tier 5.

Gear Sets

  • Once you enter World Tier 5, in addition to the by now well known Brands, the Gear Sets will be added to the loot pool.

Weekly Invasions

  • Upon reaching World Tier 5, you’ll be introduced to weekly invasions, which see the Black Tusk taking control of main missions and strongholds across the city.

Heroic Difficulty is unlocked

  • Once you hit World Tier 5, Heroic Difficulty becomes available for the Main Missions and the Strongholds. Heroic Difficulty missions are very difficult but also very generous with rewards.

New PVP Map

  • The Map “Fort McNair” will be added to the Conflict rotation

Two new Exotics

With this update, we also get two new exotics:

  • Pestilence (Light Machine Gun)
  • Nemesis (Sniper)

Bug Fixes

  • When your Crafting Station is stuck on a lower World Tier, that will be fixed with this update.

Balancing Changes

  • The Sniper M700 and the Rifle MK17 will get a damage reduction.
  • Crit Damage and Headshot Damage will be lowered across all existing gear, so if you have equipment with these stats on it, they will be different when you log in.
  • “Safeguard Talent” (extra healing) will get an internal cooldown so that it can’t be up all the time.
  • Demolitionist Talent “Crisis Response” (when armor breaks you replenish your ammo) will also get an internal cooldown.

Skills Changes

Sniper Turret

  • Sniper Turret has been reworked. You will have a button above an enemy and the Turret will then shoot that NPC and it will automatically track it. When you aim at the same NPC you can also specifically control where the shot will go (headshot or weakpoint etc). That should make the Sniper Turret more accessible.

Chem Launcher

  • The handling of the Chem Launcher has been a bit awkward. Now when you activate the Chem Launcher, it will activate and you can use it like a weapon until you put it away. That should also give you more control about the skill.


  • Aiming mechanism has been reworked, so you can mark targets faster.

Skill Mods

The Skill Mods have been revamped:

  • The Bonuses you get from the Skill Mods correlate now with the amount of Skill Power required to unlock them.
  • They are now within the bounds of the Skill Power that you can get on your gear and they also changed the amount of Skill Power that you get on your gear.
  • So even when you have less Skill Power on your gear when you log in on Friday, don’t panic, you may be able to unlock a lot of mods that you could before.
  • With these changes skill builds should become a lot more viable.

Weapon Mods changes

All the Weapon Mods have been revamped:

  • All weapon mods got new values, new positives, more in line what they would do in real life.
  • They also have lower values – since they don’t have their drawbacks anymore.
  • The only time there are negatives now on the Weapon Mods is when there are multiple mods – like magazines – one of them will have higher positive values, but also some negative values.
  • For every slot, there is a mod for every type of stat that has no negative values.
  • Now you can choose the mods you want to use and that should also be more fun.

Other Changes

  • Sharpshooter Signature Weapon has a faster lock–on, so if you had the feeling that you often missed the shot with the signature weapon, this should be addressed.
  • LVOA-C, the Lightweight M4, the Shotgun AA12, LMG MG5 got a buff
  • You will get a sensitivity slider for when you are aiming down sight.
  • Field of View slider will also be added with this update.