Patch 1.07 voor Mortal Kombat 11 is nu live

Als je in de afgelopen paar dagen Mortal Kombat 11 hebt opgestart, zul je wellicht gemerkt hebben dat er een nieuwe update live is gegaan. De volledige lijst van aanpassingen en toevoegingen was echter nog niet bekend, maar daar heeft de ontwikkelaar nu verandering in gebracht.

Via Reddit is de gigantische lijst van patch notes bekendgemaakt en een aantal van de belangrijkste veranderingen hebben wij natuurlijk voor je op een rijtje gezet.

Mortal Kombat 11 patch 1.07

  • Added Color Blindness mode (Protanope, Deuteranope, & Tritanope) to Video Options
  • Added HDR TV Quality settings (Standard, High End, Professional) to Video Options
  • Added Variation info to the Pause Menu in Practice Mode
  • Added a 4 Star Ranking and replaced Damage Ratio with additional matchup information to the Kombat Breakdown after an Online Match or Kombat Kard Kareer Stats
  • Updated the visuals for the Real Time Frame Data Display in Practice Mode & Kombat Kard Match Replays
  • Added an additional Brutality victory pose for every character
  • Improved performance on many brutalities that were causing slowdown to occur
  • Fixes to visual issues with many brutalities
  • Added several new Brutalities for players to discover
  • Added “Dimitri Vegas as Sub-Zero” Skins and Mask to Sub-Zero Kustomizations available free to everyone
  • Front Punch + Front Kick button macro is now working correctly for all Krushing Blows in Practice Mode when the Easy Krushing Blows option is enabled
  • When a move that would have triggered a Krushing Blow trades with an invulnerable move on the same frame it will no longer result in neither move colliding
  • Fixed a rare visual issue with hitsparks during “Finish Him” dizzy state after winning the round with Fatal Blow
  • Mercy can now be performed using Front Kick + Back Kick button macro input if Button Shortcuts is enabled
  • Fixed a rare issue where a player could cause a high projectile to visually appear to pass through their character after a knockdown if they pressed and released the down direction at a precise timing and made no further inputs
  • Adjustment to victim regions after a character has missed a throw attempt
  • Adjustment to victim regions during many hit reactions
  • Adjustment to crouching victim regions for all characters except Baraka, Kabal, Kollector, Kotal Kahn, Liu Kang
  • Fixed an issues that could cause Up + Back Punch Wakeup Attacks & Flawless Block Attacks to sometimes not be invulnerable to a jumping attack that collides just before landing
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Mortal Kombat 11

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5 reacties

  1.    1297 XP
    Melvin's avatar

    Added “Dimitri Vegas as Sub-Zero” Skins and Mask to Sub-Zero Kustomizations available free to everyone

    Dit kwam pas eind augustus toch???

  2. crew Redacteur -    2297 XP
    Sensu's avatar

    @Melvin: Schijnbaar niet. 😛

  3.    1297 XP
    Melvin's avatar

    @Sensu: Ik heb gisteren gekeken…maar kon nog niet de skin vinden/downloaden in de store.
    Dus waarschijnlijk toch over zo’n 1,5 week 🙂

  4. crew Redacteur -    2297 XP
    Sensu's avatar

    @Melvin: wel vreemd dat Netherrealm dit dan wel in de patchnotes zet.

  5.    1297 XP
    Melvin's avatar

    @Sensu: Ja inderdaad

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