Bend Studio heeft Days Gone sinds de release uitstekend ondersteund en die trend wordt voorlopig nog voortgezet. De ontwikkelaar heeft namelijk opnieuw een update uitgebracht, die nieuwe content, fixes en toegankelijkheidsopties met zich meebrengt.

Met patch 1.40 is de negende DLC-uitdaging beschikbaar gesteld. Reload, zoals deze nieuwe challenge heet, geeft je de opdracht om in drie minuten maar liefst 300 Freakers uit te schakelen. Hierbij kun je gebruikmaken van de zeer krachtige .50 BFG, maar je moet ook goed op de omgeving letten. Daar kun je namelijk de nodige explosieve objecten vinden, die handig kunnen zijn om deze challenge te voltooien.

Naast deze uitdaging heeft de nieuwe patch ook diverse toegankelijkheidsopties toegevoegd. Zo is het nu mogelijk om een functie in te schakelen waarmee je subtiele aanpassingen kan maken bij het richten door je controller te bewegen. Ook kun je er in de Easy modus voor kiezen om alle quick time events automatisch te laten voltooien.

De gehele changelog van update 1.40 voor Days Gone vind je hieronder.

Weekly DLC Challenges

  • “Reload” is the next free Horde DLC challenge! You have 3 minutes to take down 300 Freakers by utilizing your environment and a .50 BFG! (Unlocks today!)
    • The .50 BFG can penetrate through multiple Freakers! Shoot through the Horde and survey your surrounding for any nearby explosive objects
    • The sub-challenges all tie into different ways of killing the horde. If you want to get gold in all of them at once be sure to manage how many Swarmers you’re killing by any one method
  • Challenge 10 – Will be unlocked on August 30th
  • Challenge 11 – Will be unlocked on September 6th
  • Challenge 12 – Will be unlocked on September 13th

A reminder that all the challenges we release are planned to stay unlocked indefinitely.

Announcement about “Dead Don’t Ride” and “Outride”
Dead Don’t Ride

  • Due to a scoring error that occurred when we launched this challenge which gave an excessive amount of additional points at the end, we have done a one-time reset ONLY for the “Dead Don’t Ride” leaderboard. We don’t expect to reset these or any leaderboards in the future. We apologize for any of the inconvenience this may have caused and hope to see your new scores on the “Dead Don’t Ride” leaderboards soon!
  • Any progress regarding patches, progress, and trophies will remain for “Dead Don’t Ride”


  • An error in our scoring system has caused this challenge to award fewer points than intended. With this patch, the correct amount of points should be rewarded to all players.

Progression Blockers

  • Deacon and Boozer will progress as intended in “I Say We Head North”
  • NPCs will progress properly in “I was Distracted”
  • Sarah will no longer get stuck in “I’ve Pulled Weeds Before”
  • In the mission “What Kept Me Going”, the NPC should open the door as planned

General Fixes

  • “Snake” ring now repairs your bike every second you drift rather than only once per drift
  • Players should no longer be affected by a physics bug causing them to die after re-mounting the bike after crashing
  • The skill “Bull Rush” now correctly allows the player to reload their weapon after using the skill
  • Criers no longer appear on the mini-map on Survival Mode as intended
  • Aim Snap and Aim Stickiness settings remain as intended after playing a challenge mode challenge
  • Smoke Bombs work as intended in both story mode and challenge mode
  • Traps in Iron Mike’s Encampment will no longer affect friendly NPCs
  • Pathing for the Freakers in “Infested” have been adjusted
  • Increased the lighting some cinematics
  • NERO Fuses used at different NERO checkpoints will respawn at its original location
  • Fixed the descriptions of some of the sub-challenges
  • Remote bombs will only blow up 1 bomb per activation of the right d-pad
  • An issue which caused players to shoot to the right of the reticule has been resolved
  • Various Crash Fixes
  • General audio adjustments
  • General Localization fixes

Accessibility options

Motion Sensor Function Aiming

  • This feature allows the player to make fine adjustments to aiming by rotating the PlayStation 4 Dualshock 4 controller. It is set to ‘0’ by default (off), but when set to values from ‘1’ to ‘10’, the sensitivity of the Motion Sensor Function Aiming can be adjusted.

Auto-complete QTE (Easy Mode Only)

  • Turning this feature on inside the Accessibility Options Menu will now automatically complete all the in-game Grapple Button events without the need to press any buttons. Note this feature is accessible in Easy Mode Only.

Controller Dead Zone

  • Located in the Gameplay Options Menu, we have added the ability to adjust the Dead Zone for your controller. There are 4 adjustments (small, medium, default and large) that allow players to fine tune the stick movement to their liking, even fixing some extreme issues caused by some seasoned controllers.