Ubisoft zal ergens in oktober Title Update 6 uitbrengen voor The Division 2. Op 25 september geeft de ontwikkelaar veel meer informatie over deze grote patch, door middel van een State of the Game uitzending. Toch zijn er nu al wat details onthuld.

Uit de eerste informatie van Ubisoft blijkt onder meer dat de aankomende update flink wat veranderingen zal doorvoeren voor het loot systeem van The Division 2. Zo heb je na de update maar vier items nodig om gear sets te voltooien en tevens komt er een nieuwe feature waarmee je de locatie van bepaalde loot kan vinden op de map.

Hieronder vind je alle aankomende aanpassingen van Title Update 6 die Ubisoft tot nu toe onthuld heeft. Eind deze maand kunnen we dus meer informatie over de patch verwachten.

Title Update 6 – Gear Updates

  • The team is currently working on changes to gear, brand sets, and named weapons. In particular, they’re focusing on a big re-balance of the game with the next big update.
  • Brand set revamp
    • The dev team is working to ensure that all gear brands have an item for every slot, to remove restrictions on how players construct their Agent’s build. The team therefore plans to add an item for those slots for all brands (except 5.11, a real-world brand that only makes certain kinds of items).
    • This will allow players to come up with new builds, but also ensure that current builds will still be viable.
    • This also adds more clarity for players; no more guessing which brand slots are available, and which are not.
    • It also means a new items are being added to the game, so there’s more to loot.
  • Only four items will be needed to complete a gear set and unlock its full bonus.
  • Chest pieces and backpacks for all gear sets will be made more powerful with the addition of a high-end talent.
  • Items from Raid gear sets will be made more widely available, but the backpack and chest pieces will remain exclusive to the Raid.
  • Named items update
    • The team is reworking named items so that they’re more exciting when they drop, and more powerful when players use them.
    • The developers are trying to add special visuals to all named items.
    • The team is currently considering adding around 35 new named items, including weapons and gear.
    • The team plans to make named item talents a more powerful version of existing talents.
      • They will be unique to the named items, and players probably won’t be able to recalibrate them onto other items.
      • The developers may let players recalibrate over the talent, and look forward to community feedback on this.
    • The team is still working out exactly where named items will drop.
    • As always, balance is an ongoing topic, and the team will continue to make changes and talk about them in upcoming shows, articles, and patch notes. To join the discussion, visit the forums or the subreddit.

Title Update 6 – Loot Rotation

  • A new system coming as part of TU6 allows Agents to target specific loot from a random rotation.
    • Available kinds of loot are shown on the mega map when highlighting the named zone or main mission where it will drop.
    • Named zones and main missions will offer different loot, and available loot changes daily.
  • The normal loot pool is available while targeted loot is active, so players won’t miss out on anything when selecting a mission with targeted loot available.
    • The specific loot shown on the mega map has a small chance to drop from any NPC and loot container in the mission.
    • It has a guaranteed drop from named bosses in the mission.
    • A new UI element is being added to loot piles, so players know when they’ve received a targeted item.
  • This also available in named zones.
    • Loot has a chance to drop from NPCs and containers.
    • It has a guaranteed drop chance from named NPCs and when finishing an activity; for example, a Control Point.
  • Dark Zones are also part of this, and can also have specific loot available.
    • Items still need to be extracted.
    • If you’re looking for more news about Dark Zone and PVP, tune in to next week’s State of the Game, as we will focus on these particular topics.
  • Loot refreshes on a daily timer, and you’ll get a message at login that tells you the rotation has refreshed.

Recalibration and Crafting in Title Update 6

  • Changes are being made to recalibration, including a new UI. With TU6, players will be able to:
    • See lists of available recalibrations for each item.
    • Swap stats between items of different colors, for example from red to blue.
    • Recalibrate talents on a slot onto any item of the same slot, regardless of brand.
  • Recalibrating mod slots is under consideration.
  • Crafting changes are incoming in TU6
    • Material caps will be raised, allowing players to carry more
    • The material sharing perk is returning, letting players share materials across all their Agents.
    • NPCs will drop more materials.
    • If players are full up on materials, those materials will stop dropping.
    • Scavenging containers that previously contained one of two material types will now contain both.
    • Players now have a chance of getting polycarbonate from deconstructing items.
    • The cost of crafting in common and brand materials is being lowered.
    • Once players reach the endgame, the locations of undiscovered blueprints will be revealed.