Begin deze maand kondigde Bend Studio aan dat Days Gone een New Game+ modus zou krijgen. Inmiddels heeft de ontwikkelaar een nieuwe update voor de game uitgebracht, die onder andere deze modus toevoegt.

Update 1.50 brengt verder nog meer nieuwe content met zich mee. Zo is ook de laatste gratis DLC uitdaging beschikbaar gesteld. Deze challenge heet ‘Black Friday’ en hierin krijgen spelers te maken met een oneindige horde Freakers, waarvan ze er binnen een bepaalde tijd zo veel mogelijk moeten uitschakelen.

Hieronder vind je de changelog van update 1.50 voor Days Gone. De patch weegt ongeveer 13GB.

Weekly DLC Challenges

  • “Black Friday” is our FINAL free DLC challenge! Head back to Lumber Mill and take on a never-ending Horde with a time limit. Use Freaker ears to purchase weapons, equipment, skills, and more!
    • Try your chance at the surprise box for a random chance to get anything from a SAF to our new gun, the Growler.
    • Plan your routes so you can go back and collect ears from horde you killed, don’t leave yourself with no ears or ammo
    • Be patient, you can’t keep a combo going if you are dead.

A reminder that all the challenges we release are planned to stay unlocked indefinitely.

New Game+

New Game+ is finally here!
What transfers over from a story completed game save

  • Skills
  • Bike Skins and Parts
    • Unlocks after acquiring the bike from Manny in “Drifters Up On the Mountain”
  • Weapons
  • Encampment Trust and Credits
  • Health/Stamina/Focus upgrades
  • Trophy progress
  • Collectibles
  • NERO Injectors

What does not transfer over to New Game+

  • IPCA Tech
  • Crafted items
  • Materials/crafting items
  • Freaker Ears
  • Animal Meat

Players will receive this gun in their “Gun Locker” when starting the mission “Drifters Up On the Mountain”.

  • 6MM ammo
  • EDT Dart (Stuns the enemy)
  • X34 Dart (Leaves a poisonous gas cloud)
  • Explosive Dart (Goes boom)

Two new bike decals

  • Syphon Filter
  • Horizon Zero Dawn GI
  • New Set of DLC trophies
  • Note that the trophy “2 Days 2 Done” will only unlock if you complete Hard II/Survival II in New Game+ Mode.
  • Increased Horde Movement on Hard mode and above

Two new difficulties

  • Hard II
  • Survival II

Progression Blockers

  • The player should be able to move the car properly in “What Kept Me Going”
  • The rock item should be useable as intended in “Not Going to Kill Anyone”
  • The button prompt should appear when next to the car in “I Say We Head North”

General Fixes

  • General fixes to audio that apply to story mode and challenge mode
  • Adjusted the pathing on the Horde on multiple challenges
  • General fixes to the Auto-Complete QTE feature
  • Motion Sensor Function Aiming sensitivity has been increased when set to 6 and above.
  • Players should not be able to gain points while taking down Freakers outside on “Dead Before Daylight”
  • Various crash fixes
  • General optimization fixes during melee conflicts