Onlangs vond de gesloten beta van Ghost Recon: Breakpoint plaats en daar heeft Ubisoft de nodige feedback uit kunnen verzamelen. Met de release in aantocht zal er vlak voordat de game uitkomt nog een open beta plaatsvinden en die zal verschillende verbeteringen kennen ten opzichte van de gesloten variant.

Ubisoft heeft op een rijtje gezet wat we qua verbeteringen van de open beta mogen verwachten en deze verbeteringen zullen ongetwijfeld bij goede ontvangst ook doorgevoerd worden in de uiteindelijke release op 4 oktober.

Better Controls

Higher Control Responsiveness

  • Enhanced responsiveness for the main character so that the controls feel smoother.
  • Faster acceleration and stops of the main character, resulting in a decreased feeling of inertia.
  • Faster weapon swaps for increased responsiveness when changing weapons.
  • Faster stance changes to adapt more quickly to the situation.
  • Faster interaction with chests to loot them.
  • Less paralysis time after injury trigger (faster recovery of the controls).
  • Faster entry into vehicles.

Cancellation of Ongoing Action

  • Ability to cancel opening the chest.
  • Ability to cancel car entries by moving the stick away from the interaction.
  • Faster cancelation of intel-gathering interactions.

Better Walk/Rush Animation

  • Rush Animation of the main character has been modified to be more natural.

Walking/Rushing Realistich Animation

  • Better terrain analysis when running to more accurately display correct animation.


  • Camera framing from passenger seats has been improved for better shooting opportunities.

Co-op Replication Improvements

  • Many fixes for various replication issues while playing in co-op, to ensure more coherent visuals and prevent unintended behavior like sliding, teleportation, and incorrect positioning.
  • Many fixes for various replication issues with NPCs to ensure more coherent visuals and prevent unintended behavior like sliding, teleportation, and incorrect positioning.


  • Improved handbrake behavior on vehicles, which allow the players to better handle/control the vehicle while drifting.
  • The ground vehicles are less affected by the angle of the slopes to provide a less frustrating and more coherent driving experience.
  • More helicopters distributed to grant greater ease of access to the open world.
  • Sparrow helicopter is now accessible by default at the bivouac right away.
  • More helipad locations available.
  • All helicopters are now shown in the Erewhon shop menu without having to unlock them in the Skill Tree.


  • Improvements made to help prevent NPCs from becoming stuck in walls.
  • AI camp states are more reliable, resulting in consistent and logical behavior.
  • NPCs related to specific missions improved to better move and follow more accurately.
  • Improvements made to provide more logical enemy sniper behavior so they remain at or near their vantage points.
  • NPCs will now take cover in a more realistic and logical way.


  • Increased the window of opportunity to avoid the call for reinforcement.
  • The time before the reinforcements arrive has been increased, meaning players will have more time to react and kill the archetype Radio Operator.
  • Mortar is now far less precise, to give players more opportunities to move and avoid the hits.


Wide-Range Difficulty

  • Regular difficulty level has been turned down a little bit to prevent difficulty peaks.
  • Arcade difficulty level is has been adjusted to be easier:
  • -Enemiy AI are less powerful, meaning they do less damage than before.
  • -Life regeneration of the main character is faster.
  • -Aim assistance has been increased to make a wide area of tolerance in which the players don’t have to aim precisely to target an enemy.
  • Aim assist has increased precision.

More Realistic Experience in Extreme Difficulty

  • The red lights on the mini-map that indicate enemy presence have been removed to provide increased immersion and challenge.


Shop in Bivouac

  • All the functionalities provided in the shop in Erewhon are now accessible at any bivouac in the world.

Erewhon Shop Menu

  • Improved menu feedback when buying or selling items.
  • Differentiated weapon and gear camos in the buy menu.
  • Shorter timer for refresh of weapons and gear available for purchase.

Exploration Icons

  • Improved the locations icons display on the tacmap.
  • Behemoth areas are now discovered by default on the tacmap.
  • Each Behemoth displays the unique reward it gives when their challenge is complete.
  • Location discovery using drone recon has been improved to reward players with more intel.
  • Unique item chests now have specific icons that promote the type of reward it contains (e.g. unique customization gear, weapon blueprints, skill points). Chests containing Skell Credits are marked with the basic chest icon.
  • Exposition of mission intel is improved in the Objective Board.
  • Sidequest mission-givers in the open world are now easier to discover.

A More Guided Experience

  • Guided mode is now the default mode when beginning the game. Players can still switch between Exploration and Guided mode at any time using the in-game menu.
  • Non-equipped missions and objectives are now displayed on the tacmap in Guided mode.
  • All undiscovered locations on the tacmap are displayed in Guided mode with question marks.
  • Increased UI display options: you can now choose if the map shows questions marks for undiscovered locations in the Gameplay menu if you do not wish to see points of interest already marked.


  • In Erewhon, the offline avatars standing around the table are the player’s friends instead of unknown players.


  • Fixed various economy balancing issues.
  • Class challenges have been balanced to be more rewarding.
  • Fixed various issues that caused save files and/or inventory to be lost.


  • Improvements made to objects and level of detail to create a better visual experience.