Volgende week vrijdag verschijnt Need for Speed: Heat en deze racer ziet er best veelbelovend uit. Met een relaxte Miami vibe kan je overdag deelnemen aan relatief legale races daar waar je ’s nachts juist illegaal bezig bent met als gevolg politieachtervolgingen.

Ghost Games lijkt met Need for Speed: Heat het beste van twee werelden te willen bieden en of dat goed uitpakt lees je binnenkort in onze review. In de tussentijd zijn de Trophies online gegaan op het PlayStation Network en het ziet er niet naar uit dat de platinum Trophy erg moeilijk is.

Hieronder alle Trophies op een rijtje, maar weet dat de lijst wat spoilers kan bevatten.


The Need For Speed
-Collect all trophies


I Said Right Now!
-Win a race with a car at 400+ Performance Rating

Be The Very Best
-Get all Collectibles and 3 stars on all Activities

Cashing In
-Earn and bank 1 000 000 REP during one night


-Complete Chapter 4

Eleven – Fifty Six
-Take down 100 Cop Vehicles

The Brightest Stars
-Get a 3 Star Rating on all the Activities in the game

Travis, Who?
-Escape 100 Cop Chases

Benefits Are Nice
-Complete 25 events online with other players

All For One
-Reach max Crew Level with your Crew

-Reach REP Level 50

Around The World
-Win the Discovery Event


Welcome to Palm City
-Pick your first ride

Consider Yourself Noticed
-Complete Chapter 1

Worlds Collide
-Complete Chapter 2

Home from Home
-Complete Chapter 3

Warp Speed
-Hit 240 mph using any car

Change My Name
-Change the text on the License Plate

Two Racers, One Event
-Beat your first Crew Time Trial

A Bit Of Paradise
-Smash your way through all the Billboards

Comeback Kid
-Go from last to first place during the final lap of a race and win

Carving Turns
-Complete the Drift driving story

Off the Grid
-Complete the Off-road driving story

Friends Reunited
-Complete the Race driving story

Wrap It Up!
-Customize a vehicle with a wrap

Don’t Quit Your Day Job
-Complete your first Daily Challenge

Drift, Drift, Drift
-Complete all Drift Zones

-Win a race with parts equipped in both auxiliary part slots

Blame The Vain
-Win a race with all vehicle effects slots equipped

You have friends?
-Complete 5 events online with other players

Get Shrimpin’
-Collect all the Flamingos

At The Last Second
-Repair critical damage at a Gas Station at night

-Collect all Street Art

The Most Wanted
-Win a High Heat 5 race and return to garage safely

Full Send
-Complete all Long Jumps

Sideways Style
-Win a race with handling parts for maximum drift equipped

The Hackney Dream
-Win a race with handling parts for maximum off-road traction equipped

Component Parts
-Win a race with handling parts for maximum road traction equipped

-Win a race with handling parts for maximum race equipped

Humble Beginnings
-Reach REP Level 2

Danger Zone
-Complete all Speed Traps

-Win a race in a vehicle with an engine swap

Hear Me Roar
-Win a race in a vehicle with tuned exhaust sound