Saber Interactive heeft World War Z van een nieuwe update voorzien en het is een flinke dit keer. Het gaat om maar liefst zo’n 16GB en het zal dus eventjes duren voordat je het volledig gedownload hebt. Deze update brengt onder meer twee nieuwe hoofdstukken met zich mee.

Zowel de NY als Moskou episodes zijn voorzien van nieuwe hoofdstukken. Je kunt dus aan de slag met wat nieuwe content en er zijn ook Prestige Ranks toegevoegd. Spelers met deze titel kunnen wat unieke items vrijspelen, zoals hieronder beschreven staat. Ook de overige aanpassingen kan je hieronder in de patch notes terugvinden.

New Features

  • Added a new chapter in the NY Episode
  • Added a new chapter in the Moscow Episode
  • Added Prestige Ranks that will grant players unique rewards:
    • Prestige perks
    • Unique weapon variants
    • Portrait frames
  • Added Flamethrower heavy weapon
  • Added option to enable any mutators in private lobby
  • PvP characters will now use character customization from PvE
  • Added option to play Challenge Mode offline
  • Added Halloween trinket reward for playing at least one match during Halloween week Oct 25 – Nov 5.


  • Infector is now 25% more vulnerable to normal firearms
  • Fixed issue with melee sometimes not pushing back zombies in front of the player


  • Removed 4 Skulls (“VERY HARD”) difficulty, as it was the least played difficulty
  • HARD difficulty is slightly harder:
    • Reduced player health from 75 to 60
    • Reduced player revive limit from 3 to 2
    • Increased number of zombies by 10%
  • INSANE is slightly easier:
    • Increased player health from 25 to 30
    • Reduced Normal and Special Zombies difficulty health modifier from +100% to +75%


  • Improved random feature for all perks that have a chance to trigger. Instead of pure random, the game will use weighted random. For example, if a perk has a 25% chance to trigger, this means that it is guaranteed to trigger on the 4th try. This will result in less unlucky or lucky streaks for perks like “% chance not to use med kit when healing”.
  • “Sugar Coated” perk will now grant temporary health to the player who got healed, just as it is written in the description
  • “Second Wind” perk will now also grant 3 second masking effect on activation


  • Added potential rewards display in Episode screen
  • Minor UI and localization fixes


  • Fixed several gameplay crashes


  • Fixed number of explosive charges spawning in Japan 2 level
  • Fixed some gameplay bugs that were causing inability to progress in levels

General fixes

  • Fixed issue with “Comfort Zone” mutator that was causing damage to players even if the distance conditions were met
  • Fixed issue that was launching player into the air on uneven surfaces
  • Fixed issue that was causing players to clip through geometry during vault animations
  • Fixed rare issue that was resulting in players picking up additional magazine for heavy weapons
  • Fixed issue with Molotov dealing damage directly to health instead of temporary health that was granted by Stim Pistol or other sources