De reviews van Death Stranding druppelen vandaag langzaamaan binnen en die zijn op z’n zachtst gezegd soms best wel uiteenlopend. We zien hele hoge scores, maar ook hele lage. IGN UK geeft bijvoorbeeld slechts een 6.8, terwijl er ook sites tussen zitten die de game beoordelen met een 10. Dat is toch wel een flink verschil en hieronder hebben we, dankzij OpenCritic, alvast een mooi overzicht voor je van alle scores op het moment.

Onze review staat inmiddels ook online, wij beoordeelden de game met een 9.0 en onze review check je hier.

3DNewsАлексей ЛихачевRussian7 / 10

An intriguing plot, an interesting universe, an outstanding performance by amazing actors and an incredible soundtrack can’t hide the fact that Death Stranding has repetitive missions, unexciting open world with a lot of samey elements and disappointing boss fights. It could’ve been so much more if some parts of the game didn’t feel so rushed, but if you are here for the story — you are in for a ride.

Attack of the FanboyKyle Hanson4 / 5 stars

Death Stranding is equal parts amazing and exasperating.

AusGamersSteve Farrelly6 / 10

In the end, all I can really say is this: handle Death Stranding with care.

CGMagazineJoel Couture7.5 / 10

Death Stranding’s attention to the real may make it difficult to enjoy, but it is undeniably an experience that will both scourge and soothe the heart.

COGconnectedPaul Sullivan93 / 100

Death Stranding is an outstanding title that ended up blowing away the expectations I wasn’t even aware of. For an auteur like Hideo Kojima, that sounds like an unequivocal success.

Daily StarJordan Oloman5 / 5 stars

Death Stranding is the most unique big-budget game I’ve ever played, a socially-minded injection of inventive ideas into a genre that has long survived by being lazy and brutish. This ambitious formula-flipper is brimming with empathy and carefully courts cinematic influences, an ensemble cast and a world of eye-watering scale, delivering a sticky gameplay loop to tie it all together and create a console generation-defining experience.

DestructoidChris Carter8 / 10

Death Stranding is not the overly-strange inaccessible walled garden the marketing has made it out to be. It’s weird, don’t get me wrong! But anyone with a surface-level understanding of surrealism in art should be able to acclimate to what is essentially a playable Hollywood production.

Digitally DownloadedMatt Sainsbury5 / 5 stars

As a “game” Death Stranding doesn’t do much. But as a work of art, Death Stranding is something mesmerising, intelligent, and powerful, and we never see genuine art within the big budget, blockbuster space. That alone makes it a rare treat to play, and I rather like this new-look, independent Kojima.

EGMMollie L Patterson10 / 10

In the end, Death Stranding’s biggest mystery isn’t any of the elements we’ve had teased in three-plus years of trailers—it’s what people are going to think of it. Even from a man known for making love-them-or-hate-them projects, this may end up being one of the most divisive games ever created. For me, it was an experience that I can truly say was unlike any other I remember. And, if nothing else, Death Stranding makes me respect Hideo Kojima for convincing Sony to invest millions into a game that’s about a man delivering packages to holograms.

Easy AlliesBen Moore8 / 10

Death Stranding is a fearless game that often stumbles, but is still fascinating overall. *Review Copy Provided by PlayStation

Echo BoomerDavid FialhoPortugueseMind-blown

Death Stranding is the culmination of years worth of hype, misteries and expectation, in a genre-transcending game. An emotional and provocative interactive experience presented in a way that is only possible in a videogame.

EurogamerOli WelshRecommended

Hideo Kojma’s first post-Metal Gear game is a messy, indulgent vanity project – but also a true original.

Everyeye.itAlessandro BruniItalian9 / 10

A precious experience that deserves a place of right among the most significant titles of our generation.

Game InformerMatthew Kato7 / 10

The pillars of gameplay, combat, and story all bear the mark of creator Hideo Kojima, but none of them stand out or carry the experience

Game RevolutionJason Faulkner5 / 5 stars

Death Stranding is one of the best games I’ve ever played. It’s smart, it’s well-produced, and it just feels good to play.

GameMAGRussian9 / 10

In Death Stranding complex themes of life and death, love and loneliness are mixed with a slow meditative and at the same time intense gameplay, where climbing the mountain slopes surrounded by enemies causes incredible experiences. The story of Sam Porter’s journey is the most emotional, incredible and powerful we’ve seen in the last few years. And of course, the amazing acting of Norman Reedus, Lea Seydoux, Mads Mikkelsen and other cult actors will not leave anyone indifferent.

GameSpotKallie Plagge9 / 10

Death Stranding is dense, complex, and powerful, steadfast in its belief in the power of love and hope when faced with overwhelming adversity.

GameblogThomas PillonFrench8 / 10

Death Stranding is first of all a game which, tries, experiments, and full of ideas. Playing the role of the lonely Sam Porter Bridges, the player is connected with everyone else thanks to a clever system of collaboration, which works really well thanks to a thoughtful game design. But to enjoy the long run through what seems to be the most beautiful Iceland landscape, you will have to go through a thick, complex and most of all tedious story, which seems to never know when to stop, or being simply limpid.

GameplanetBilly Atman10 / 10

While Death Stranding will surely be the most divisive game of this generation, there is no arguing that it offers new ideas on pushing the medium forward and shows that games don’t always typically have to be “fun”. The story is beautifully presented and is surprisingly restrained and focused for a Kojima title. All of the actors put on amazing performances and while its gameplay will be too slow for many, those willing to peel back the layers will discover a thoughtfully designed experience that will leave you ruminating for weeks after finishing.

GamesRadar+Leon Hurley3.5 / 5 stars

Kojima’s mysterious would be epic has its moments but can’t carry the weight of expectation.

Gaming NexusRandy Kalista9.5 / 10

Hideo Kojima has fully weaponized the walking simulator, writing a love letter to the delivery service workers of our shipping and handling world. Death Stranding is about ending isolation, and does it so gracefully that I can’t imagine it being done better than it’s done here.

GamingBoltShubhankar Parijat9 / 10

Death Stranding is definitely an acquired taste, and its slow pacing and deliberate gameplay might not be for everyone, but its mechanical depth, its desolately beautiful and haunting world, and its confident and stylistic storytelling nonetheless make for a continental trek worth experiencing.

GamingTrendCodi Spence100 / 100

Death Stranding is a story of rebuilding America by connecting people far and wide. Stealth, exploration, combat, and inventory management are all necessary in order to succeed. With a fantastic cast, incredible set pieces, an engaging story, and Kojima’s brand of incredibly enjoyable crazy, you won’t want to put your controller down.

Geek CultureJake Su9.4 / 10

A true masterpiece by Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding is an experience unlike any other, and you must try it to believe it.

Glitched AfricaMarco Cocomello10 / 10

Not everyone will love Death Stranding and I won’t blame you. The game is not for everyone. Some episodes take over two dozen hours to complete and the rinse and repeat delivering mechanics could be an issue for some. However, it always rewards you in some way or another. Be it with its gorgeous and detailed world that is a joy to explore or the fantastic story that unfolds as you discover everything this ambitious game has to offer. There is simply nothing else like it and to be able to dive into it all is a magnificent experience one which will define this generation of gaming.

God is a GeekChris White9 / 10

Death Stranding is an ambitious game, filled with so many different mechanics and ideas that almost always work well together. The story and acting is fantastic, and its visuals are a thing of beauty, not to mention the powerful soundtrack.

GuardianDan Dawkins4 / 5 stars

With gameplay that denies instant gratification, Hideo Kojima’s unashamedly political game is this year’s most interesting blockbuster game by far

Hardcore GamerAdam Beck3.5 / 5

Death Stranding is a cerebral experience that isn’t fun.

IGNTristan Ogilvie6.8 / 10

Death Stranding delivers a fascinating world of supernatural sci-fi, but its gameplay struggles to support its weight.

INDIANTVCZFilip KraucherCzech9 / 10

Death Stranding is technically well crafted game. Hideo Kojima surpassed himself in terms of writing and game loop. The game offers an excellent narrative story that really makes a deep sense. Furthermore, you will get an unprecedented cast, an exceptional soundtrack and above all, the game brings its own vision. Perhaps it does not establish a brand new genre. But it is a great game with style for which gamers love Kojima Productions so much.

JVLFrench19 / 20

Sublime in form and substance, Death Stranding is one of the greatest games of this generation.

KotakuHeather AlexandraUnscored

It’s hard not to like Sam Bridges, who faces all of Death Stranding’s bizarreness with a welcome everyman’s weariness, encapsulated in in Norman Reedus’ characteristic growl.

Merlin’in KazanıErsin KılıçTurkish82 / 100

Death Stranding is a game that focuses on the journey rather than the goal. If you are looking for a different and unique adventure, should try Death Stranding.

Metro GameCentralDavid Jenkins7 / 10

A work of unbridled ambition and imagination but also a pretentious, contrived, and frequently quite dull gameplay experience – Death Stranding is peak Hideo Kojima.

Next Gen BaseBen Ward9.5 / 10

Death Stranding is a weird game. It won’t be for everyone, but if you can find something to like in the relatively slow start, you’ll love it by the end. Typically Kojima for better and for worse, it’s a story about reconnecting people through the eyes of a bystander that becomes much more than that. Technically and visually outstanding, it’s going to be up there on my Game of the Year list for sure. A weird, but wonderful game.

NexusSam Aberdeen9.2 / 10

It’s hard to pin down exactly what makes Death Stranding work in my mind, but a masterful presentation, stunning open world, and captivating characters contribute to one of this generation’s most unforgettable games, for better or worse.

PSX BrasilLeonardo CidreiraPortuguese95 / 100

Death Stranding is certainly one of the best titles I’ve had the pleasure of playing in this generation and the seed responsible for creating a whole new subgenre that will undoubtedly bear beautiful fruit in the future. Hideo Kojima has excelled himself by giving us not only an exceptional story, but a vast world that is constantly changing because of the actions of the players. It is certainly not a game that will please everyone, but I can guarantee that those who get carried away by its proposal, plot and mechanics will have an unforgettable experience. Tomorrow is in your hands! GilroyD

Many expect things of Hideo Kojima, but it takes a degree of self-confidence to deliver something else instead. He left Konami because he wasn’t allowed to take the time and spend the money to make the game he wanted, so it is depressing to see Death Stranding make so many mistakes that appear on some level to be dictated by what people expect.

PolygonRuss FrushtickUnscored

Having been smitten by the core world-building gameplay of Death Stranding, I am stunned to realize that many of the game’s strongest, most appealing gameplay ideas (specifically the world-building and cooperation) are tossed aside in the final acts, in favor of a much more linear, scripted, cutscene-ridden experience. The freedom and sense of ownership I enjoyed while creating this world are dashed in favor of explaining and wrapping up a story that never had much going for it to begin with.

PowerUp!Leo Stevenson3 / 10

Death Stranding is not entertaining. As such, it fails as a video game, it fails as a narrative and it fails overall.

Press StartBrodie Gibbons8 / 10

Hideo Kojima has long been a visionary auteur, his feted career stands as proof. With no walls to contain him, he has given birth to Death Stranding. It’s an experience that will be remembered for a long time, from its early hype to the untethered lunacy of its narrative. It’s an art installation of a game that filled me with rage as often as it did joy. It is sweeping in both lustre and purpose, though it wears a few warts on the pleasant, bare bones of a game about deliveries that has no right to be as memorable as it somehow is.

Push SquareLiam Croft10 / 10

Following years of mysterious anticipation, Death Stranding delivers on all fronts. An accomplished, fascinating set of gameplay mechanics allow you to make deliveries the way you want to, while social features let the game live on once you’ve put the controller down. It may become slightly tiresome as you hit the halfway mark, but the phenomenal narrative is on hand to pick things back up again and its outstanding visuals are the cherry on top. Death Stranding doesn’t raise the bar for any particular genre, it creates an entirely new one.

Saudi GamerArabic8 / 10

Is it a new genre of games? Perhaps, but it definitely succeeds in presenting polished and novel, even revolutionary, ideas even if the overall experience can drag on and feel monotonous at times due to uneven story and set-piece pacing.

Screen RantCody Gravelle5 / 5 stars

Death Stranding is dizzying, unshakable in its belief it is doing something worthwhile, and it’s one of the most important games of this decade.

ShacknewsBrittany Vincent9 / 10

This is one of the rare times I wish Hideo Kojima had created a lengthy film or a series instead of a video game. At least then people might not approach it with trepidation or with derision. You know how it goes: “Oh, it’s a video game. There’s no way it can be that good.”

Skill UpRalph PanebiancoUnscored

Kojima had the weight of the world on his shoulders; impossibly high expectations that seemed impossible to deliver on. Many are going to think he failed… I think he succeeded spectacularly.

Spaziogames – Stefania Tahva Sperandio – Italian9.4 / 10

Death Stranding screams Hideo Kojima in every single detail. If you are looking for a journey and an experience, something that you will hold dear for quite sometime, this is the game you have been waiting for. It may lack some variety in the quest design, but the asynchronous multiplayer and the depth of the storytelling are captivating.

Spiel TimesCaleb Wysor9 / 10

Death Stranding is a distorted vision of the open-world genre, pulled apart by its individual threads, deconstructed, and sewn back together in the image of its director, Hideo Kojima. It’s an astonishing, compelling and provocative experience, even if it isn’t always as exciting to play as it is to think about.

StevivorSteve Wright3.5 / 10

Even if Death Stranding’s narrative was good — and it’s not — a game needs to have actual gameplay. What you find within is abysmal; frustrating, tedious and beyond repair, it is to be avoided at all costs.

TrustedReviewsJade King5 / 5 stars

Death Stranding is unlike anything else out there right now. It’s huge, innovative and utterly unashamed in what it wants to be. Kojima Productions is heavy-handed in its implementation of modern political themes, but they tie into the narrative and involve the player in ways that feel compelling.

USgamerKat Bailey3.5 / 5 stars

Death Stranding might be Kojima’s boldest game to date. It may also be his most tedious. Either way, its originality outweighs its sometimes exhausting structure and poor pacing… but only just. Maybe not a game I would recommend to everyone, but certainly one of the most interesting games of 2019.

VG247Kirk McKeand3 / 5 stars

If you do manage to hold out, you will be rewarded with flashes of brilliance, it’s just that those flashes are buried as deep as the core story is buried in the endless dialogue.

VideoGamerJoshua Wise8 / 10

Death Stranding is filled with things that must be seen, a sprawling, genre-spanning sci-fi adventure from a developer like no other. It’s tackier clumps of writing and stunt casting seem overwrought, but its direction and its stars shine brightest

We Got This CoveredDavid Morgan5 / 5 stars

Like any genre-pushing work of art, Death Stranding is sure to be divisive. That said, the unflinching vision of its director is a breath of fresh air in an industry increasingly unwilling to swing for the fences.

ZTGDKen McKown8 / 10

Kojima and his team have crafted something that truly feels unique, for better or worse. It is hard to compare it to anything else, but that doesn’t always mean it was fun. Not everyone will adore this game, but I guarantee no one will ever be able to forget it either.