Volgende week mogen we ons gaan uitleven als een bij in de game Bee Simulator. Deze game kent naast leuke gameplay ook een educatieve ondertoon om spelers van de game wat meer bij te brengen over de bijen, wat hun rol is en waarom het belangrijk is dat ze er zijn.

Natuurlijk kan je in de game ook Trophies verdienen en die zijn inmiddels online gezet op het PlayStation Network. Vanzelfsprekend dus een lijst hieronder met alle te behalen Trophies en het ziet er niet naar uit dat de platinum heel moeilijk is.

Bee Simulator is vanaf 14 november verkrijgbaar en meer over de game lees je in onze hands-on preview.


Real Achiever
-Collect ALL the other trophies!


The Exodus
-Complete the main story

I Won’t Do This?
-Complete all challenges


Little Bees
-Find all the little bees in the park

-Get in trouble

Bee Hero
-Be a bee hero

Flight Of The Intruder
-Discover what a drone does

Roof Over Your Head
-Find the new hive

Ready To Retire
-Collect pollen from 3000 flowers

Fast Bee
-Complete all the chase challenges

Dance Revolution
-Complete all the dance challenges

Furious Bee
-Complete all the fight challenges

Access Granted
-Unlock the Cave


To Bee Or Not To Bee
-Finish the tutorial

Bee To The Rescue
-Bring the bee home

Hello Friend
-Unlock an animal statue

Expert Collector
-Gather pollen for the winter

It’s A Zoo Out There
-Report to the Queen about animals.

Great Hunger
-Feed the little bees

Chicco In Trouble
-Find a guardian for the little squirrel

Spider’s Lair
-Uncover Anna’s web of conspiracy

Dodge The Tongue
-Collect pollen from the giant water lily

Foster Family
-Help the mother squirrel

The Great Crossing
-Help the ants across the water

Lord Of The Flies
-Defeat the fly gang leader

-Find the wise-bee’s flower

-Take control of the drone

It Came From Beneath
-Drive the mole away

Interspecies Relations
-Dance with a bee from another species

Flower Power
-Collect pollen from 1000 flowers

Active Bee
-Interact 50 times with the environment

-Destroy 20 balloons

-Switch the light in the street lamp

-Change music in a boombox

Bee Of The Ring
-Find a hidden message

-Enter found password on the computer

-Sting the bear

Your Honor
-Find the lawsuit notice

Easter Egg
-Find the Easter egg

-Activate Beetro Mode

Changing Point Of View
-Use bee vision

Gotta Catch ‘Em All
-Unlock all animal statues

The New Me
-Unlock new bee skin

-Get all the pollen from the flower lady 15 times

Close Examination
-Unlock a 3D animal

Escape Artist
-Complete all the spider web challenges

Bully-free Zone
-Complete the Bully challenge 3 times

Early Access
-Unlock the Trophy Room

You Shall Not Pass!
-Defeat Harry the Hornet in single combat

To Infinity And Beyond
-Fly a total of 10 kilometres

The Sweet Stuff
-Feast on human food 30 times