Massive Entertainment heeft aangekondigd dat The Division 2 een paar ingrijpende veranderingen zal krijgen met betrekking tot het lootsysteem. Nu was al aangekondigd dat ze hier aanpassingen in zouden gaan doen, maar nu heeft de ontwikkelaar ook meer specifieke details bekendgemaakt.

De onderstaande updates zullen tegelijkertijd met Episode 3 uitgerold worden en die moet in februari verschijnen, lang zal het dus niet meer duren. Een van de belangrijkste opties is het (her)kalibratiesysteem, waarmee spelers Talents uit gear kunnen halen, dat kunnen opslaan en wanneer nodig weer in andere gear kunnen investeren.

Dit geeft spelers meer vrijheid en overzicht met betrekking tot het statische gedeelte van alle items die je in de game hebt. Daarnaast zal de effectiviteit van de Skills duidelijker getoond worden met het nieuwe ‘Skill Tier’ systeem. Hieronder per onderdeel meer specifieke toelichting.

Recalibration Stat Storing

  • Currently, recalibration requires players to keep a stash of gear pieces to potentially recalibrate other gear in the future.
  • The overhaul aims to make the process more intuitive and fun, while still allowing players to customize items.
  • When players find gear with a high roll, they will be able extract it and save it in a Recalibration Library to apply to other gear later – essentially “learning” it.
  • The new gear system will let players recalibrate Talents, stats, core stats, and mod slots.
  • The new direction with brand-set bonuses, in addition to the attribute rolls, is that the brand sets match a profile that is either offensive, defensive, utility, or skill-based, with a few hybrid exceptions.
  • The Recalibration Library will display stored Talents and attributes by weapon or gear type, letting players quickly find improvements for specific items.
  • The library will also let players know when gear in their inventory has a better attribute than what they’ve stored. This gives players a chance to extract the new attribute (destroying the original gear in the process) and apply it repeatedly to any future gear of the same type.
  • The developers are still deciding whether to limit the Recalibration Library to a per-character basis, or to make it account-wide.
  • Finding all the “god rolls” to max out each gear item will add a new collection metagame aspect to recalibration.

Skill Power Refactorization

  • Skill Tier will replace Skill Power, and Skills scale directly with it.
  • Skill Tier is available only as a core attribute on gear, and will improve Skills directly.
  • There are six Skill Tiers; each item with the Skill Tier core attribute will add one tier to your Agent. Players who wear six pieces of gear with Skill Tier will attain max Skill Tier.
  • Each Skill Tier will boost Skill stats and abilities, and each Skill has a different setup for how it scales with higher Skill Tiers.
  • Deployed Skills will display their Tiers, giving players a clearer understanding of what they can do.
  • Skill mods will still be available, and will work similarly to weapon mods, adding percentage modifiers to Skills.
  • Using certain Exotic or gear-set Talents, players can temporarily enter an Overcharge state, which ramps up Skill stats to super-powerful levels.