Persona liefhebbers hebben dit jaar het een en ander om naar uit te kijken. Zo krijgen we in maart allereerst een complete versie van Persona 5 aangeboden en Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers zal uiteindelijk ook in het Westen verschijnen. Voor wie niet precies weet wat Scramble voor een game is: de onderstaande trailer is geschikt voor jou.

Zo wordt min of meer in drie minuten uitgelegd waar Persona 5 Scramble nu precies om draait. Alle aspecten van de game worden kort belicht, maar dan wel volledig in het Japans. Geen zorgen, we hebben gelukkig de vertaling voor je die je onder de trailer kunt vinden, waarmee je met de gesproken tekst kunt meelezen.

Wanneer Persona 5 Scramble richting het Westen komt, is nog onduidelijk. De game verschijnt op 20 februari in Japan.

0:00 Is the mic working? Oh, it’s working. Then! Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m Navi! The one in charge of intel and navigation, a totally not unique super hacker! To anyone who’s thinking “What kinda game is P5S anything?”, I’ll explain it to you all perfectly

0:19 And so, “A 3 minute guide to P5S”. Then ready, start!

0:23 What is P5S? Taken place after Persona 5 ends, it’s a completely new work from P5. It’s the series’ first action RPG. Since it’s a RPG with a lot of other functions added, you can experience a lot of other things I guess.

0:40 The story takes place half a year when the incident got solved. As we meet again, we’ll get caught into another incident! Or something like that~

0:49 It’s an official, true and the one and only new sequel that’s gonna get told! But more than that…a beautiful girl as a new character is as expected, but it’s unusual to see a suspicious old man to get added. But it’s new, so that doesn’t mean I hate it.

1:02 With a new member added, we’ll go to Shibuya and go around lots of places in Japan with our camping car. Sendai, Sapporo, Okinawa and Osaka, we’ll go all around Japan to gather information and resolve these incidents.

1:17 And also, I’ll be leaving you to finding all those local delicacies! If you get enough information, we’ll go the pala- wait, no..jails to infiltrate! There are lots of shadows lurking there, but there’s no need to worry!

1:28 Like thieves, we’ll sneak up and…win with this! The battle will incorporate a lot of the ones in P5. Use your persona, aim your skills, hit their weaknesses and..all-out attack! See? It’s the P5-like right? As expected, Phantom Thieves gotta fight like this.

1:47 Moreover, not only as Joker, you can play as the other members! Aa, but if it’s me, it’s a different case. Though you better protect me while I’m hacking!

1:56 Levelling up and item equipments, persona fusions, bands, master arts and also side quests! There are lots of RPG-like mechanisms that increase tour growth~ The more your character grows, the easier it is to fight is what you call an action RPG!

2:09 The ones who aren’t too good with action games can take it easy and play this game. But really, this bold and stylish action…

2:18 To further add, if you clear the game, you’ll be able to unlock the demon/risky difficulty. If you can clear this level, you’ll be able to boast about it to anyone, huh? But anyways, if you know P5, there’s no reason to not play P5S! Even if you don’t know P5, well, it’s a completely new story, so starting from here is perfectly fine!

2:36 If you’re interested, you can catch up with the game. And if you have time, it’s also nice to watch the P5 anime (no, I don’t think so, Futaba). Well, with that, us, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, will put on a show throughout Japan with a new mystery. With that, ladies and gentlemen, please see it with your own eyes. Looking forward to meeting you all!

3:00 Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers, will finally be released on 20/02/2020! Make sure to buy a copy!

3:09 First purchase benefits include the Persona series DLC, Battle BGM Set. There’s also a limited edition tresure box you can buy!

3:22 Then ladies and gentlemen, adios~ How was that, was it 3 minutes?