Afgelopen vrijdag kwam Dreams uit en deze nieuwe game van Media Molecule valt goed in de smaak bij de critici. De game was een tijdje geleden al als early access-titel te spelen, maar de volledige release heeft toch nog aardig wat nieuwigheden met zich meegebracht.

Dat blijkt ook uit de details van update 2.03 voor Dreams, die met de release deze week is uitgebracht. Zo is de verhaalmodus ‘Art’s Dream’ aan de game toegevoegd, evenals natuurlijk ondersteuning voor Trophies. De update bevat echter nog veel meer, waaronder een hoop nieuwe tutorials om je op weg te helpen en diverse aanpassingen en fixes.

Hieronder lees je alle details van update 2.03 voor Dreams.

What’s new?

  • Art’s Dream – Our story mode is now available in all its glory in Dreams. We really hope you enjoy our very personal little genre-hopping tale of a morose jazz musician on a journey of self-discovery.
  • New kits – There are great new creator kits to get your hands on, packed with assets to create with. There’s a kit for Art’s Dream with a fantastic selection of assets from our story adventure ready to use in your own content, plus there are themed kits for Welcome Home and Ancient Temple.
  • New language support – Dreams can now be enjoyed in an additional 8 new languages. Read it and weep! That is, read it in Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Spanish (Latin America). Plus, six of these also include voiceover support for selected video content.
  • New tutorials – There’s so much learning to be done that we’ve packed in loads more tutorials covering more topics than you can shake a wireless controller at.
  • Trophies – Yes, you love them. We love them. Now we can all love them together. They come with some beautifully crafted icons too, so your PlayStation activity stream will soon be looking much more colourful with all your hard-won Trophies popping up all over the place.
  • New Imp Quests – Just in case Trophies were not enough, there’s new Imp Quests too!
  • How-To Videos – More great tutorial content, with this new video series which details techniques for creating everyday useful things.

Other improvements

  • New: A control scheme for create mode which uses the left and right sticks rather than the motion sensor function.
  • New: Additional controls and display settings for create mode.
  • New: Introduction to the homespace and onboarding flow.
  • New: Plenty of visual polish.
  • New: Camera Bookmarks (OMG these are the BEST!)
  • New: You can now toggle the “Made in Dreams” watermark on or off in preferences.
  • Updated: Updated the layout of DreamShaping.
  • Updated: Better thermometer tools for profiling your levels, including heatmaps.
  • Updated: Video library / workshop.
  • Updated: Checkpoint / respawn redesign.
  • Updated: Emitters iteration.
  • Updated: Audio preferences.
  • Updated: Puppets procedural animation and walk cycles.
  • Updated: Gadget colour consistency pass.
  • Updated: Fog range.
  • Updated: Improved stacked selection and movement for audio strokes.
  • Updated: Localised audio envelopes.
  • Updated: Scoreboard iteration.
  • Updated: The option to default to stamp rather than smear in sculpt mode.
  • Updated: Sky flecks on slider.
  • Updated: A great many changes to puppets.
  • Updated: Option to reset or not the variables when resetting level.
  • Updated: ALL the new options, especially textures, for Text Gadget.
  • Updated: You can now make a single solid colour sky.
  • Updated: Imp sound on death checkpoint removed, also tweaked faders.
  • Updated: Scoreboard ordering changes (we’re not sure if this made it into Early Access).
  • Fixed: BUGS! Lots of them. So many there are just too many to mention here.