Dragon Ball FighterZ krijgt deze week update 1.21 en Bandai Namco heeft alvast de details daarvan bekendgemaakt. Gezien de game een nieuw seizoen krijgt, zullen ze ondersteuning moeten blijven bieden op technisch vlak, wat de ontwikkelaar met deze update doet.

De belangrijkste aanpassingen richten zich op de balans van de gameplay en alle specifieke details tref je hieronder in de patch notes aan.

Universal Mechanics:

UI: The UI has been updated

Z Assist Selection: You can now select 3 different assists per character

Limit Break:
The last character gains the following three buffs:

  • More damage
  • Gains 1 bar of ki gauge
  • The opponent gets less recoverable health when hit (other than invulnerable moves)

Rising jump attacks:

  • Various jumping attacks do not hit crouching state opponents while rising
  • When landing from the air in blockstun, characters are now in crouching state
  • Characters are now considered grounded right before landing

Superiority Gauge: Added a gauge that shows the percentage of your entire team’s health remaining
Ki Charge:

  • Reduced recovery
  • Reflects Ki blasts
  • Can be cancelled into Superdash with the H button while mid Ki Charge
  • Even if the Ki Gauge is full, Ki Charge will still charge for a short duration

Vanish: Can be cancelled into Superdash or special moves when it causes a cinematic

Dragon Rush:

  • Made it easier to connect in an air combo
  • Can be cancelled into from 5L
  • Can be cancelled into Vanish when it hits in a combo
  • When Dragon Rushes clash, air options (double jumps and airdashes) are now restored

Dragon Rush (Snapback):

  • The opponent comes in faster
  • The opponent can delay their incoming timing by inputting 4

EX Specials: EX specials only cost 0.5 bars now

6M: When cancelled into airdash during Sparking, the airdash will not cross over the opponent

5/2H: Does more damage when it causes a cinematic

j.H: Landing recovery is removed when it causes a cinematic

Guard Cancel Change: Gave it a higher attack level for clashes

Z Assist:

  • Made it so that if the opponent has not been out of blockstun for a set amount of time, Z Assists cannot be used again
  • Made Z Assists hit away from them (uncertain what this means)
  • Changed where Z Assists appear

Air Dash: You can now airdash by inputting 9 right after jumping

Attacks on Sub-Characters: Made it possible to cancel when and attack hits sub-characters like Saibamen or the Ginyu force

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where landing recovery was carried over from a previous jump
  • Fixed a bug where hurtboxes would act strangely when an attack was done after blockstun
  • Made it so hitboxes don’t appear while the opponent is in hitstop from some attacks that cause a cinematic