Als gevolg van de coronacrisis werken veel ontwikkelaars vanuit huis en hoewel al het werk doorgaat, ligt het tempo iets lager. Sommige dingen gaan immers minder snel als een ontwikkelteam niet bij elkaar zit. Dat had al zo z’n effect op de ondersteuning van Star Wars Battlefront II en nu merkt ook Battlefield V het effect ervan.

De ontwikkelaar heeft nu laten weten dat de update die voor april gepland stond naar mei is doorgeschoven. Het is niet zo dat de updates die voor mei gepland stonden ook uitgesteld worden, die zullen gewoon volgens de planning verschijnen. De update van mei zal dus wat groter zijn dan gebruikelijk.

Hieronder de volledige uitleg van DICE.

Initially, we were planning to release an update around the start of April, however with all of the changes and the need to create entirely new workflows, we found ourselves up against much more constrained timelines. The April update will now feature as a part of our next update, which we believe we will be able to release in May, alongside all of the changes that we were targeting making in May as well. The alternative option was to deliver April’s update much later than we had planned, and subsequently cause a delay to May’s update. This way, we get a better quality update out to you, in an overall shorter timeframe vs. attempting to publish two updates and needing to delay both of them.

Our next update is otherwise in development right now. I’ll be able to share more with you throughout April about what we’re working on. In terms of some of the smaller stuff that will feature in that update that I can talk to you about today, we’re currently exploring a change to the end of round experience to help ensure that you’re playing in more populated servers, more often, and alongside players of similar skill. We’re also revisiting the colors used on some of our default soldier uniforms, and based entirely on your feedback, we’re looking at changing up the Transport Vehicle Skins used across our maps. All of this in addition to the regular swathe of fixes, improvements, and changes that we’ll talk more about some other time.