Truckers opgelet, het is mogelijk om weer in de vrachtwagen te stappen in een gloednieuwe game: SnowRunner. Deze game is sinds gisteren verkrijgbaar in de PlayStation Store en later vandaag zul je ons oordeel kunnen lezen.

In de tussentijd zijn ook de Trophies online gegaan op het PlayStation Network en dat brengt ons bij het onderstaande overzicht. De Trophies zijn over het algemeen niet al te ingewikkeld, maar wel erg tijdrovend en uitdagend. Ga jij voor die platinum?


One with the Truck
-Get all the trophies


-Complete every contract in the game

Model Collector
-Own every vehicle in the game

Ain’t no rest for the…trucker?
-Complete every task and contest in the game

The Black Shuck
-Drive through 1000 km


What’s a mile?
-Use ZiKZ 5368 to deliver at least 10 cargoes in Michigan or Alaska

Western Wind
-Use Pacific P12 to deliver at least 10 cargoes in Taymyr

Uncle Scrooge
-Earn 100000 currency

“Stars and Stripes”
-Own every american vehicle in the game

The Duel
-Driving a red-coloured scout vehicle, collide with any truck and take less damage than that truck

Fuel Economy
-Travel through every region on a single tank of fuel

Victory Parade
-Own every russian vehicle in the game

Dreams Come True
-Repair all the pipes in Alaska

“All Along the Watchtower”
-Explore all watchtowers in the game

All Starts From a Garage
-Explore all garages in the game

Pedal to the Metal
-Travel from one gateway to another on one map without releasing the accelerator

Bering Strait
-Own a TUZ 420 “Tatarin” and have it stationed in any garage in Alaska

-Transport a winched vehicle with a broken engine from one map to another and put it into a garage


Yeah, you can drive!
-All main tutorial hints have been activated at least once

Once a Farmer always a Farmer
-Smash 500 pumpkins

-Use a telescopic crane to raise a special objective semi-trailer at least 5 meters above the ground

The Blue Hall
-Drive 1km in the water

Where are the logs?
-Visit every logging area in the game at least once

Play Your Way
-Fix 2000 damage points

Deer Hunt
-Find all upgrades in Michigan

Moose Hunt
-Find all upgrades in Alaska

Bear Hunt
-Find all upgrades in Taymyr

Eat, Sleep, Drill, Repeat
-Deliver all 3 Oil Rigs to their destination points in Alaska

Get over here
-Pull yourself with a winch for at least 6 meters

Through blood & sweat
-Manually load at least 4 standard cargo units in your truck one after another and pack them

Broken Horse
-Drive 1 km with all wheels broken

Simply Delivered
-Deliver every type of cargo in the game at least once

Workers Unite
-Find both Lenin statues in Taymyr

Tread Softly
-Recover your vehicle 10 times or more

Problem Solved
-Pull a vehicle with a broken engine out of the water with a crane

-Complete any 10 tasks or contests without taking any damage

-Buy enough upgrades to hit twice the price of the base vehicle you bought them for

18 Wheels is Not Enough
-Own a Azov 42-20 Antarctic