Eerder kondigde Ubisoft al aan dat het tweede seizoen van Hyper Scape deze week van start zou gaan en inmiddels is het zover. De free-to-play Battle Royale shooter heeft een update ontvangen, waarvan de patch notes hieronder. Deze update brengt ook de nodige nieuwe zaken naar de game, zoals we onlangs al konden melden.

Hieronder nog even kort de nieuwe features op een rijtje:

  • Nieuwe modus: Floor is Lava
  • Nieuwe hack: Platform
  • Nieuw district: Memorial
  • Nieuw wapen: Atrax
  • Nieuwe feature voor Crown Rush Solo: Second Chance
  • Nieuw rankingssysteem
  • Battle Pass seizoen 2 met 100 nieuwe Tiers
  • Halloween evenement (20 oktober – 3 november)
  • Diverse nieuwe cosmetische items

Season 2 trailer

Battle Pass trailer

Hyper Scape Update 2.0 Season 2 Patch Notes

This patch introduces a brand new weapon: the Atrax, limited-time ‘Platform’ Hack, the return of the Magnet Hack, an Infinite Slide event. Season 2 also introduces the new player ranking system, daily gifts, and squad profiles.


All the bullet weapons now have Damage Falloff (note: sniper rifle received this change in our last patch). The impact differs from weapon to weapon but overall, the intention stays the same: The goal is to avoid abusive long ranges attacks, not to make Damage Falloff a major parameter of the combat loop.

For multiple weapons also, the ADS has received a boost in term of Aim-assist both on PC & Consoles to reinforce its value vs. Hip-Fire.


  • Strongly Reduced Recoil.
  • Removed the FOV kick when firing with the weapon.
  • Damage Falloff: 150M+
  • Increased ADS Aim-assist.
  • Reduced Hip-fire Aim-assist.
  • Increased Bullet Spread in Hip-fire.

Developer Notes: The Dragonfly has received several improvements to make it more comfortable and efficient in ADS. Like for other weapons damage falloff has been added but the Dragonfly stays the weapon with the longest range after the Protocol sniper rifle.


  • Damage Falloff: 40M+
  • Increased ADS Aim-assist.
  • Slightly reduced Hip-fire Aim-assist.


  • Damage Falloff: 100M+
  • Increased ADS Aim-assist.
  • Strongly reduced Hip-fire Aim-assist.


  • Damage Falloff: 100M+
  • Increased ADS Aim-assist.
  • Reduced Hip-fire Aim-assist.

Riot 1

  • Removed the FOV kick when firing with the weapon.
  • Damage Falloff: 100M+
  • Increased ADS Aim-assist.
  • Reduced Hip-fire Aim-assist.

Protocol V

  • Increased damage across Fusion to 60/64/68/72/80 (previously 50/55/62/70/80)
  • Damage Falloff: 200M+ (previously 150M+)

Developer Notes: Based on feedback from players we increased the base damage of the Protocol, to make sure you would be able to always eliminate an opponent with 2 body shots. We agree that having to land 3 body shots at low fusion level felt tedious. The maximum damage of the Protocol is unchanged.

Mammoth Mark I

  • Damage Falloff: 40m+


  • Min Range for Full Damage: 12m (previously 15m)



  • Activation Timer: 0.75S (previously 1S)
  • Projectile Acceleration: 7 (previously 6)

Developer Notes: This change should make the Mine more reactive and more reliable in combat.


  • Effect Duration: 8s (previously 6s)

Game Events

Cooldown Accelerator

  • Effect: Global effect that strongly decreases the cooldown of all hacks for the duration
  • Event Duration: 45S (previously 50s)

Developer Notes: The Cooldown Accelerator no longer requires players to pick up power-ups in the map. The Cooldown reduction is global and affects all players for the duration.

Supply Crate

  • Crates spawned by this Event are now permanent on the map until destroyed.

Game Modes & Systems

Crown Bearer Readability Improvements

A series of feedback improvements have been made to the Crown to help Contenders chase the Crown Bearer and fight its Defenders teammates.

Crown Bearer

  • Improved contrast & readability of the Crown icon and timer over the bearer.
  • Improved readability of the off-screen Crown indicator.
  • Enemy Crown bearers still have a Gold outline however FRIENDLY Crown bearers now have a White outline (so it is clear they are not an enemy).

Crown Defenders

  • Teammates of the enemy Crown bearer are now revealed to all via a Gold Reveal Indicator over their heads.

Developer Notes: We know coordinating with enemies to fight the Squad running away with the Crown is difficult. Those visual improvements should help identifying the right players to target. Making the Crown Bearer more visible will also help chasing it.

Faction War Improvements

Faction War has received a series of feedback improvements to unclutter it in term of UI and make Revives easier.

  • Unified the revive icons of faction mates & teammates.
  • Removed the “Ready for Restore” text from faction mates.
  • Added Range Indicator Numbers to faction mate Revive Icons.
  • Faction mate Revive Icons scale by distance.
  • Echoes no longer incorrectly see “Call for Revive” Icons for faction mates (they will still see squadmates’ though).


  • All Ammo Pouches now hold a normalized amount of ammo. Generally, all weapons pouches hold 5x reloads worth of ammo (at full Fusion clip sizes), with a few exceptions like Skybreaker.
  • The amount of ammo gained from ammo boxes pickups has been updated to give exactly 20% of each weapon’s pouch. This means it takes exactly 5 pickups to fill every weapon’s pouch.

Developer Comment: This change is more of a design cleanup and should not affect strongly the game experience.

Default Voice Channel

  • The default voice channel was changed to “Party Only (Private)”. This will be effective for all newly created accounts (i.e. existing accounts will keep their current setting).

Developer Comment: This change is being done to reduce disruptive mic interactions for players who prefer to rely on the ping system to coordinate with random squadmates.

Red Skull Indicator

  • The Red Skull that appeared in the center of the screen when eliminating an opponent has been lowered away from the reticle.

Developer Comment: This is another frequent community QoL request we are very happy to bring to the game with this patch!

Locker Items Sorting

  • You can now choose how the items are sorted in your locker.
  • The following filters have been added to the default filtering:
    • Date Acquired – Most Recent First
    • Date Acquired – Oldest First
    • Alphabetical Ascending
    • Alphabetical Descending

Various Settings

  • You can now decide to display the distance on squadmate markers with the choice of three settings:
    • Always
    • On Screen Edge Only
    • Never
  • On keyboard, you can now remap the “Endorsement” button (i.e. congratulate a squadmate after eliminating an enemy).

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where full-auto weapons were sometimes able to shoot 2 bullets at once.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ripper’s muzzle flash VFX was not in-sync with the weapon’s Rate of Fire.


  • Fixed an issue where using the Wall hack under your feet after hitting a ceiling would spawn an invisible Wall.


  • Fixed an issue where the audio went partially missing after getting pulled by the Magnet hack.
  • In Faction War, removed a specific bark that was repeated more than once during a short amount of time.
  • In Faction War, fixed an issue where you could hear other faction mates and not only your squadmates.
  • Fixed an issue where pinging a Restore Point with a squadmate currently using it wouldn’t play a bark.
  • Fixed an issue where Ultimate Grace barks were sometimes not playing during the deployment phase.
  • Fixed an issue where Ultimate Grace barks were sometimes not playing when entering a Lobby.


  • In Faction War, fixed an issue where some players were not transitioning to the victory screen after the last enemy Faction got eliminated.
  • On consoles, fixed an issue where players would lose voice chat functionality when entering then exiting the Ubisoft Club application.