Destruction AllStars zou een van de PlayStation 5 launchgames zijn, maar recent werd duidelijk dat de game is uitgesteld naar begin 2021. Dat was wat minder nieuws, het goede nieuws was tegelijkertijd dat de game ‘gratis’ via PlayStation Plus aangeboden zal worden.

Nu de release nog even op zich laat wachten heeft de ontwikkelaar wel nieuwe informatie gedeeld en die slaat op de modi die je in de game treft. Samen met deze informatie is er ook een nieuwe trailer uitgebracht die meer beelden van de game laat zien.

Alle nieuwe details en footage hieronder op een rijtje.


  • Mayhem – Mayhem plays like a classic deathmatch. Playable in scrolo and teams, deal damage and wreck as many opponents as you can in the time limit. The player with the highest score wins. It sounds familiar, but can you control the chaos by mastering the balance between vehicle and character action.
  • Carnado – Take what you learn in Mayhem and put it all on the line in Carnado. Playable in both solo and teams, it’s focused around risk and reward. Earn Gears (AllStars’ collectable in-game items) for damaging or wrecking competitors, which are automatically stored in your vehicle. Sacrifice your vehicle by driving into the Carnado to score points. Back on-foot, get a new vehicle or steal one from your opponents for a quick points boost. The more you wreck, the more Gears you earn.
  • Stockpile – Stockpile is our take on capture and control. In this team based mode, wrecking or knocking out opponents will cause Gears to drop to the floor. Go on foot to collect the Gears and run through a gauntlet of vehicles to one of the three banks around the map. Stand on a bank to deposit Gears, and claim it for your team. This is a battle for bank ownership; the team with the most banks at the end of the game wins.
  • Gridfall – 16 AllStars enter the arena, but only one will emerge victorious. In Gridfall, it’s about using all your skills to stay in the game as the arena falls away from beneath your wheels. Wreck your opponents off the edge of the map or find temporary safety in the platforms above. As players get wrecked or knocked out, they’ll trade a respawn to get back in the game. If you run out of respawns, you’re eliminated! The winner is the last AllStar standing.


  • Training – Visit the Training area, complete the tutorial and practice with any of our 16 AllStars.
  • Challenge Series – Play Genesis’ “One Small Step” challenge Series and unlock exclusive Character and Player Cosmetics through a curated series of challenging events against the AI.
  • Rewards – Access an expanding wardrobe of cosmetics for AllStars and your player profile. Unlock items when playing the Challenge Series and level up in Multiplayer to earn AllStar Coins that you’re free to spend on the items you want.

Na de release zal de ontwikkelaar met seizoenen komen, in-game evenementen en andere updates en daar vallen weer nieuwe AllStars, uitdagingen en andere features onder. Kortom, men is een hoop met Destruction AllStars van plan.