Eerder lekten de Trophies van Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War al, maar de waarde was toen nog onduidelijk. Ook was niet helemaal zeker of het echt de Trophies waren, maar dat blijkt nu het geval te zijn. Zodoende een update met hieronder alle Trophies op een rijtje die je in de game kunt verzamelen.

Een gedeelte van de Trophies richt zich op de singleplayer en die Trophies zijn vergelijkbaar met wat we van de Call of Duty games gewend zijn. Een ander deel richt zich op de Zombies modus en tot slot zijn er nog wat multiplayer Trophies te verdienen.

De lijst is redelijk veilig om door te spitten, maar als je echt spoilervrij de game in wil gaan raden we je aan dit even over te slaan.


-Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked


Combat Hardened
-Complete the single player Campaign on Veteran or Realism difficulty.

Mean Machine
-Get 100 Kills as the driver, pilot, or passenger of a vehicle in Multiplayer.


Dungeon Diver
-Visit every corner of a Deadly Dungeon.

Combat Recruit
-Complete the single player Campaign on any difficulty

Mind Trip
-See all 7 memory endings and playthrough all 4 path ends in Prisoner.

Patriot Arrow
-Kill an enemy with the secret weapon while ziplining during Yamantau.

Scorched Earth II
-Blow up all trucks and guard towers on the approach to the monastery.

-In Die Maschine, craft 14 different types of items in one match.

Seal the Deal
-In Die Maschine, close the rift.

Nightmare at 20 feet
-In Die Maschine, kill 100 enemies without leaving the top of the crashed plane wing

-In Die Maschine, stay in the Yard for 15 rounds

Go the Distance
-Win 50 matches of Multiplayer.

Calling It In
-Get 50 kills with lethal Scorestreaks in Multiplayer.

Party Patrol
-Get 10 squad wipe medals in Fireteam.


Nowhere Left to Run
-Complete Nowhere Left to Run in Campaign on any difficulty.

Fracture Jaw
-Complete Fracture Jaw in Campaign on any difficulty.

Brick in the Wall
-Complete Brick in the Wall in Campaign on any difficulty.

Redlight, Greenlight
-Complete Redlight, Greenlight in Campaign on any difficulty.

Echoes of a Cold War
-Complete Echoes of a Cold War in Campaign on any difficulty.

Desperate Measures
-Complete Desperate Measures in Campaign on any difficulty.

End of the Line
-Complete End of the Line in Campaign on any difficulty.

Break on Through
-Complete Break on Through in Campaign on any difficulty.

The Final Countdown
-Complete The Final Countdown in Campaign on any difficulty.

Ashes to Ashes
-Complete Ashes to Ashes in Campaign on any difficulty.

-Complete Chaos Side Mission in Campaign on any difficulty.

Red Circus
-Complete Red Circus Side Mission in Campaign on any difficulty.

Firing Range
-Shoot all of the targets on Main Street during Amerika.

Keep Your Friends Close
-Perform Body Shield 5 Times.

Explosive Finish
-Kill 12 enemies with explosive barrels while riding the server lift during Yamantau.

-Kill 25 enemies with the AC-130 during the rooftop defend.

The Red Door
-Disobeyed Adler’s order to go through the door.

Jack of All Trades
-Get 5 kills each with an LMG, SMG, AR, and a Shotgun.

Old Faithful
-Killed 200 enemies with an AR.

Scorched Earth
-Destroy all enemy vehicles and mortar teams while defending Firebase Ripcord.

The Fixer
-Get 200 Eliminations in Multiplayer.

Heavy Metal
-In Die Maschine, forge the Pack-A-Punch machine.

Carpe D.I.E.M.
-In Die Maschine, free the lost Decompressive Isotopic Estrangement Machine.

Two Birds, One Stone
-In Die Maschine, kill the two split Megatons with one shot.

-In Zombies, upgrade a skill

Six Pack
-In Zombies, upgrade 6 Perk Skills to Tier III

Fowl Five Piece
-Get a chain of 5 chickens strung together in Dead Ops Arcade.

Survive the Wild
-Escaped from the deep dark Wild.

Reunited with Fidolina
-Defeated the Momaback and saved your dear friend.

Forever Fated
-Found your destiny in the Room of Fate.

Onslaught DLC Trophies

World Traveller
-In Onslaught, kill an Elite in each map.

Go for Gold!
-In Onslaught, acquire seven gold chalices.

-In Onslaught, kill an Elite with a support.

Alle DLC Trophies zijn brons. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War ligt vanaf vrijdag 13 november in de winkels.