Er gaan veel geruchten rond over het nieuwste deel van de Battlefield-serie, echt concrete details heeft Electronic Arts nog steeds niet gegeven. EA Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele heeft tijdens het digitale evenement Gamesbeat Summit 2021 eindelijk wat informatie gegeven.

Miele liet weten dat het nieuwste deel in de Battlefield-reeks nieuwe modi zal krijgen. Deze zullen de sfeer behouden waar de serie om bekend staat, maar tegelijkertijd wel de totale ervaring vergroten.

“Battlefield is one of my favorite franchises that we have, I’ve been working on it for a really long time and one of the best things about it is, it is about a sandbox. It is in the shooter space, out of all the games, and all the shooter, it is a sandbox that DICE has always provided players with weapons, and vehicles, and destruction in the environment, and then these crazy “Only Battlefield” moments happen as emergent play comes from players.

So you can imagine taking that strength, and taking that superpower in this franchise and building on that in the future game is definitely part of our strategy. So new modes that are going to be added to the game experience are really in service of this ability that we want to give players to have a bigger impact on their experience.”