Vanaf aanstaande vrijdag is Mass Effect: Legendary Edition verkrijgbaar en die collectie bestaat uit de eerste drie Mass Effect games. Die games verschenen jaren terug op de PlayStation 3 en kenden allemaal een Trophyset. In dat kader is het vanzelfsprekend dat deze nieuwe uitgave ook van Trophies is voorzien, maar EA doet er een schepje bovenop.

Per titel kun je een platinum Trophy halen en dat is net zoals toen een flinke uitdaging. In aanvulling op de standaard Trophies heeft EA er nog een aantal aan toegevoegd die de drie games beslaat, waardoor je als jager nog meer te doen hebt.

In totaal komt het neer op maar liefst 130 Trophies en de lijsten hebben we hieronder neergezet.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition


Long Service Medal
-Finish Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 with the same character


Insanity I
-Complete Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3 on Insanity without changing difficulty

Insanity II
-Complete two games in Mass Effect Legendary Edition on Insanity without changing difficulty

Insanity III
-Complete all three games in Mass Effect Legendary Edition on Insanity without changing difficulty

Paramour III
-Establish or rekindle a romantic relationship in all three games in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

-Kill 2,000 enemies in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3


Paramour I
-Establish a romantic relationship in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3

Paramour II
-Establish or rekindle a romantic relationship in two games in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

-Kill 250 enemies in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3

-Kill 1,000 enemies in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3

-Kill 100 enemies with melee attacks in Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3

Mass Effect


N7 Elite
-ME1: Acquire all trophies


Medal of Honor
-ME1: Complete the game on any difficulty

-ME1: Complete the majority of the game

-ME1: Accumulate 75% of total possible Paragon or Renegade points

Colonial Savior
-ME1: Complete the Bring Down the Sky mission.


Medal of Heroism
-ME1: Complete Feros

Distinguished Service Medal
-ME1: Complete Eden Prime

Council Legion of Merit
-ME1: Complete Virmire

Honorarium of Corporate Service
-ME1: Complete Noveria

Meritorious Service Medal
-ME1: Complete Ilos

-ME1: Find all primary Alien: Council Races, Extinct Races and Non-Council Races codex entries

Medal of Exploration I
-ME1: Land on an uncharted world

Medal of Exploration II
-ME1: Land on 4 uncharted worlds

Medal of Exploration III
-ME1: Land on 8 uncharted worlds

Search and Rescue
-ME1: Locate Dr. T’soni in the Artemis Tau cluster


Lift Mastery
-ME1: Use biotic Lift 25 times

Throw Mastery
-ME1: Use biotic Throw 25 times

Warp Mastery
-ME1: Use biotic Warp 25 times

Singularity Mastery
-ME1: Use biotic Singularity 25 times

Barrier Mastery
-ME1: Use biotic Barrier 25 times

Stasis Mastery
-ME1: Use biotic Stasis 25 times

Damping Specialist
-ME1: Use Damping Field 25 times

AI Hacking Specialist
-ME1: Use AI Hacking 25 times

Electronics Specialist
-ME1: Use Shield Overload 25 times

Sabotage Specialist
-ME1: Use Sabotage 25 times

First Aid Specialist
-ME1: Use medi-gel 50 times

Neural Shock Specialist
-ME1: Use Neural Shock 25 times

Soldier Ally
-ME1: Complete 5 missions with the Alliance soldier squad member

Sentinel Ally
-ME1: Complete 5 missions with the Alliance sentinel squad member

Krogan Ally
-ME1: Complete 5 missions with the krogan squad member

Turian Ally
-ME1: Complete 5 missions with the turian squad member

Quarian Ally
-ME1: Complete 5 missions with the quarian squad member

Asari Ally
-ME1: Complete 5 missions with the asari squad member

Spectre Inductee
-ME1: Become a Spectre

-ME1: Use Charm or Intimidate to resolve an impossible situation

Mass Effect 2


N7 Elite
-ME2: Acquire all trophies


Mission Accomplished
-ME2: Save humanity throughout the galaxy from certain annihilation

No One Left Behind
-ME2: Keep your team alive through the suicide mission

Galactic Explorer
-ME2: Visit 100% of the planets in an unexplored cluster


Suicide Mission
-ME2: Use the Omega 4 Relay

Against All Odds
-ME2: Survive suicide mission

-ME2: Complete 5 missions discovered by scanning unexplored worlds

-ME2: Complete a mission discovered by scanning an unexplored world

Weapon Specialist
-ME2: Fully upgrade a weapon

Digital Exorcist
-ME2: Successfully shut down the rogue VI in Project Overlord

Heart of Darkness
-ME2: Confront the Shadow Broker


Missing in Action
-ME2: Save your crew from an overwhelming attack

Very Elusive
-ME2: Return to active duty

Colony Defense
-ME2: Defend a human colony from attack

Ghost Ship
-ME2: Complete the investigation of a derelict alien vessel

Friend or Foe
-ME2: Obtain geth technology

The Archangel
-ME2: Successfully recruit Archangel

The Assassin
-ME2: Successfully recruit the Assassin

The Convict
-ME2: Successfully recruit the biotic Convict

The Justicar
-ME2: Successfully recruit the Justicar

The Krogan
-ME2: Successfully recruit the krogan

The Professor
-ME2: Successfully recruit the Professor

The Quarian
-ME2: Successfully recruit the quarian

A House Divided
-ME2: Hack a geth collective

-ME2: Gain the loyalty of the krogan

Cat’s in the Cradle
-ME2: Gain the loyalty of the Assassin

-ME2: Gain the loyalty of the biotic Convict

-ME2: Help the Justicar resolve her mission

Fade Away
-ME2: Gain the loyalty of Archangel

Ghost of the Father
-ME2: Gain the loyalty of the Cerberus Operative

The Cure
-ME2: Gain the loyalty of the Professor

The Prodigal
-ME2: Gain the loyalty of the Cerberus Officer

-ME2: Gain the loyalty of the quarian

Big Game Hunter
-ME2: Thresher Maw defeated

Head Hunter
-ME2: Perform 30 headshot kills with any weapon on humanoid targets

Incineration Specialist
-ME2: Incinerate the armor of 25 enemies

-ME2: Make 20 enemies scream as they fall or are set on fire

Overload Specialist
-ME2: Disrupt the shields of 25 enemies

-ME2: Hit 20 different targets with multiple biotic powers to combine the effects

Warp Specialist
-ME2: Warp the barriers of 25 enemies

-ME2: Complete any research project in the Normandy’s laboratory

-ME2: Unlock 15 new Mass Effect 2 codex entries

Power Full
-ME2: Evolve any power

-ME2: Gain the loyalty of the mercenary

Broke, Blind, and Bedlam
-ME2: Gain the loyalty of the thief

Mass Effect 3


N7 Elite
-ME3: Acquire all trophies


-ME3: Mission accomplished.

Master and Commander
-ME3: Deliver most of the Galaxy at War assets to the final conflict.

Under Pressure
-ME3: Uncover an ancient secret.


-ME3: Make the final assault.

Lost and Found
-ME3: Dispatch 10 probes to retrieve people or resources in Reaper territory.

Combined Arms
-ME3: Perform any combination of 50 biotic combos or tech bursts.

-ME3: Evolve any of your powers to rank 6.

Shield Breaker
-ME3: Overload the shields of 100 enemies.

Sky High
-ME3: Lift 100 enemies off the ground with powers.

-ME3: Set 100 enemies on fire with powers.

Eye of the Hurricane
-ME3: Kill a brute while it’s charging you.

Mail Slot
-ME3: Kill 10 guardians with headshots from the front while their shields are raised.

-ME3: Upgrade any weapon to level 10.

-ME3: Free Omega from Cerberus Occupation.

Last Resort
-ME3: Stop an out-of-control scheme before it’s too late.

The One and Only
-ME3: Defeat a group of Spectre-level opponents on Normal, Hardcore, or Insanity.


-ME3: Return to active duty.

Bringer of War
-ME3: Chase down an assassin.

-ME3: Bring a veteran officer aboard.

World Shaker
-ME3: Destroy an Atlas dropped from orbit.

-ME3: Explore a lost city.

Tunnel Rat
-ME3: Survive the swarm.

Party Crasher
-ME3: Sabotage a dreadnought.

Hard Target
-ME3: Call down an orbital strike.

-ME3: Disable a group of fighter squadrons.

-ME3: Win a political stand-off.

Last Witness
-ME3: Extract ancient technology.

-ME3: Defeat an old adversary.

Well Connected
-ME3: Send a warning across the galaxy.

Fact Finder
-ME3: Discover an enemy’s monstrous origin.

-ME3: Stop a Cerberus kidnapping.

Problem Solver
-ME3: Evacuate a scientific facility.

-ME3: Visit a store on the Citadel.

A Personal Touch
-ME3: Modify a weapon.

-ME3: Escape a Reaper in the galaxy map.

-ME3: Hijack an Atlas mech.

Giant Killer
-ME3: Defeat a harvester.

Always Prepared
-ME3: Obtain two non-customizable suits of armor.