Ondanks dat we pas laat werden verblijd met Mass Effect 2 voor de PlayStation 3, is ontwikkelaar BioWare alweer druk bezig met het derde deel. Deze staat momenteel gepland voor eind dit jaar en er komen steeds meer hordes informatie. Ook vandaag hebben we weer een hoop details over deze game voor jullie, maar we moeten wel zeggen dat deze eventuele spoilers kan bevatten van vorige delen:

  • Heavy Melee Attacks
  1. There is a new charged-up melee attack where Shepard uses his Omni-Tool to inflicting a big burning hit.

  • Story:
  1. They saw a cut-scene where the Normandy and a fleet of alien ships go through a mass relay together.
  2. The structure of the story is a little different to Mass Effect and ME 2, but it bears more resemblance to the first game’s story. ‘Mass Effect 3, in simple terms, is a little more like the first game. You’re collecting pieces of a story, but the more you investigate and explore these themes, the more the game will unlock and you’ll see the bigger picture.’ Its more of a traditional story.
  3. They’re not going to end the game like a traditional war story, where you beat the bad guys and celebrate. All these characters and relationships created will be a big part of the ending.
  • Additional Details:
  1. Casey Hudson says, the game will have some epic moments, as well as ‘smaller, more personal moments’ that exceeds the previous 2 games. The player will start realising things from Shepard’s personal life. He will have to deal with the consequences of the sacrifices he’s had to make.
  2. Obvious: Your choices will all have an impact in ME 3 such as the genophage, the collector base, your LI choices etc.
  3. New enemy type: The Cannibal. Part Batarian, part Human and part Reaper. Consumes other enemies in combat to gain strength.
  4. The Turret that Engineers can use won’t kill enemies, but distract them.
  5. Gunfights are quicker and more deadly (confirmation).
  6. Visually it’s tapping the heels of games such as Killzone 3 and Crysis 2, with 6 months development time left.
  7. The Rachni decision may haunt you in ME 3.
  8. Character customisation will be as extensive as ever.
  9. The action, rather than the all-linear affair of ME 2, will be more along the lines of Uncharted.
  10. New Cerberus troops are called Phantoms and Assassins.
  11. Shepard faces full-on bosses in the game’s story. Some are really huge. One part, you have to lure a Reaper up to a Thresher Maw so they can duke it out.
  12. “Many of the core story levels are built around the largest, most dramatic moments in the galaxy.”
  13. The Mass Effect series has sold over 7 million copies.
  • Even more details
  1. Normal in ME 3 will be the equivalent of Veteran in ME 2.
  2. Kai Leng (known from the books) will work with Cerberus to kill Shepard.
  3. James Sanders is muscular, like an American footballer on steroids.