Een gedetailleerde blik op de verschillende klassen in Brink

Met een warm weekend en moeder-dag zo goed als achter de rug, is het tijd voor wat nieuws. Brink is een first-person shooter die over een weekje in de winkelschappen zal liggen. Vandaag zijn eindelijk de details van alles klassen in de multiplayer van de game bekend gemaat en deze staan hieronder voor jullie even op een rijtje.

Universal Abilities

  • Grenade Shooting: Where you can shoot your frags in the air; this ability allows tighter control over when and where the grenades go off.
  • Combat Intuition: informs you of when an enemy who is not on your radar has you in their crosshairs.
  • Sense of Perspective: go into third person while attempting to perform objectives like building/repairing and capturing points. You won’t be able to move, but you’ll be able to see from all angles.
  • Downed fire: exactly what it sounds like. Shoot while down with your secondary weapon.
  • Resupply rate: faster cooldown on your supply meter, can mean a difference of seconds.
  • Sprinting Grenade: you can cook grenades midsprint.
  • Battle hardened: permanent increase of health.
  • Supply Max Increase: supply meter increase of one pip: meaning, you get to use one more special ability than usual (which is makes it four instead of three)
  • Sprinting Reload: exactly what it sounds like.
  • Silent running: also exactly what it sounds like! Makes you ‘invisible’ to enemy radar until you are in close.

Soldier abilities:

  • Standard soldier kit: ….exactly what it sounds like. The ability to set charges, resupply teammates and carry molotov cocktails.
  • Molotov cocktail: MOLOTOV COCKTAIL
  • Armor piercing: 100 percent effective against enemies who have kevlar armor.
  • Scavenge: allows you to refill your supply meter by scavenging dead bodies of enemies.
  • Grenade Master: faster cooldown on grenades–NOT specialty grenades, though.
  • Flashbang grenades: blinds enemies.
  • Kevlar vest: damage resistance goes up, except against those with armor piercing.
  • Extra magazine: exactly what it sounds like.
  • Frag blast: the explosion radius of your grenades is increased but NOT on grenade launcher grenades.
  • Satchel charges: remote control bombs, up to three can be placed.
  • Grenade Damage: ups the damage of your frags, but NOT on grenade launcher.

Medic abilities:

  • Standard med kit: …exactly what it sounds like. Buff health of teammates, revive incapacitated enemies, health and revive escorts.
  • Adrenaline boost: buff a teammate so that they ignore all damage for a while.
  • Increase supplies: supply meter goes up by one pip.
  • Improved increase supplies:further increase supply meter by one–ie, stacking.
  • Transfer supplies: you can restock a teammate a supply meter pip by giving them one of your own.
  • Metabolism: allows you to make a teammate’s health regen faster.
  • Speed boost: increase a teammate’s sprint speed.
  • Improved Life Buff: increase teammate’s health by two pips rather than one.
  • Self Resurrection: exactly what it sounds like.
  • Lazarus Grenade: a grenade that lets you revive everyone within it’s healing cloud radius.

Engineer Abilities:

  • Standard Engineer – Allows Engies to complete repair and construction objectives, disarm charges, remove hack boxes, Buff damage, plant landmines (hidden to enemy)
  • Landmine – Part of the standard kit. Plant a new mine and the old one is removed. Status indicator at the bottom
  • Extra Kevlar – Grant armor protection to teammates. Cant buff self or soldiers already with kevlar.
  • Light Turret – Can only be placed on flat surfaces. Scans a small area, but has 360 Lock on after acquiring a target. Status is in the HUD. Any Engie can repair and placing a new one will replace the old one.
  • Nerves of Steel – Increased disarm speed
  • Gear Head – Increases speed at which turret are built, mines deployed, and MG nests built
  • Command Post Upgrade – Allows you to upgrade any health or supply command post. DOUBLES effectiveness. performed by accessing the post for a prolonged period of time. A progress bar will appear
  • Medium Turret – More powerful turret. Must have Light turret first
  • Improved Weapon Buff – Further boost to teammates damage
  • Gatling Turret – Gatling Auto Turret, must have the other 2 first.
  • Extra Landmine – Allows you to have 2 active land mine





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  1.    844 XP
    thom430's avatar

    Niet alleen van de multiplayer van de game, aangezien Brink geen standaard multiplayer heeft…..

  2.    181 XP
    Abel's avatar

    @thom430: Inderdaad, single-player en multi-player zijn met elkaar verweven. Indien je off-line speelt speel je gewoon met bots.

  3. Anoniem -   
    graf_chokoloko's avatar

    Lijkt me wel leuk, maarja.. Kunnen knn nu toch niet online:
    ik begin nu echt agresief te worden.

    Geintje xD

  4.    994 XP
    Amaze's avatar

    Game ligt aan paar dagen in de winkels, o.a bij futurezone.

  5.    335 XP
    abrain's avatar

    Jullie vergeten de Operative abilities(even een copy/paste)

    Standard Operative Kit

    Allows standard operative abilities including completion of hack objectives, spotting enemy landmines by ironsighting over them, and disguising as enemy players.

    Comms Hack (Rank2)
    Allows you to extract tactical information from fallen enemies. When completed, will reveal enemy positions on the map for five seconds, with a 20 second cooldown between uses. Comms Hacking a downed enemy will prevent them from using the Downed Fire Ability.

    Firewall Command Post (R2)
    Allows operatives to upgrade command posts to require them to spend 25% more time on a capture attempt. Activated by entering the command post menu and staying there until a meter fills.

    Homing Beacon (R2)
    Allows you to place a red outline on an enemy for six seconds by iron sighting them. Can be used while disguised, and will be viewable by all teammates, even through walls. Will also reveal enemy operatives in disguise. Enemy operatives can also do the same to you, so be sure to look out for this one. It doesn’t specify whether or not the victim gets any sort of notification when he’s spotted, or if this has a cooldown.

    Sticky Bomb (R2)
    Lets you throw a powerful grenade (500 points to the person it is stuck to, and 120 splash) which sticks to any enemy it touches and can only be removed by their teammates. Enemies can still destroy the grenade by shooting at it while it is still on the ground. Has a 20 second cooldown.

    Caltrop Grenades (R3)
    Lets you throw a grenade that scatter sharp spikes that damage enemies who cross over them, unless they are moving slowly or stationary. They will not hurt teammates (presumably even with friendly fire on), and remain in the world for the length of the ability’s cooldown, which is 30 seconds. Damage is calculated at 5 points per spike, to a maximum of 25 damage per second. More damage is inflicted if the victim is moving quicker (i.e. light enemies sprinting will take a lot of damage, while a heavy who is ironsighted and walking will take much less).

    Hack Turret (R3)
    Lets you reprogram an enemy turret to be friendly and owned by yourself. Approach from behind the turret to increase your chances of a hack.

    Control Turret (R4)
    Allows you to take remote control of a friendly turret. To initiate control, you place a device on the turret, and then activate the ability again. You can take control from anywhere on a map, but you are helpless while controlling it. You will view the turret from a first person perspective, and you can turn it to any angle it is capable of.

    Cortex Bomb (R4)

    This is a bomb. You are the bomb. When incapacitated, you have the option to detonate a bomb implanted into your head that will explode on a 1.25 second fuse, and will do 220 points of splash damage within its radius.

    EMP Grenade (R5)
    Allows you to throw a grenade that effectively disables any enemy turrets, mines, and player radars within its radius. It will also slow the progress of enemy hacks and HE Charges (by 50 percent). It will even disable the team-wide bonuses an enemy-held command post is giving. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds between uses, and its duration depends on what is being EMP’d.
    Sticky Grenades will be delayed by 1 second.
    Turrets, Command Posts, Cortex Bombs, mines, Satchel Charges, PDAs (for any sort of hacking), Hack Boxes, and radars will all be disabled for 10 seconds
    Soldier’s HE Charges will be delayed by 30 seconds.
    It will also slow down maintenance bots for a short time.

  6.    335 XP
    abrain's avatar


    Klopt ze zeggen een fout te hebben gemaakt bij uitleveren.
    Ook daar is de game nu pas weer vrijdag de 13e te verkrijgen.

    En youtube staat ook al vol met gameplay beelden.

  7.    2527 XP
    Sixstar6's avatar

    Fuc k dat jongen eerst online.

  8.    6677 XP
    Myx's avatar

    Twijfel nog steeds of ik dit spel moet halen ofniet.

  9. Anoniem -   
    Said's avatar

    de game is zeer leuk teamwork is echt een pre heb er van genoten straks weer

  10. Anoniem -   
    Karel controller's avatar

    Deze of L.A. Noire
    denk de laatste zag er tog wel dik uit
    dit lijkt wel een shooter voor kinderen

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