Batman: Arkham Asylum was een verrassing voor bijna iedereen in de game-industrie. Een game gebaseerd op een superhelden franchise die niet alleen keiharde actie en toffe graphics, maar ook een zinderend verhaal en goede gameplay te bieden had? Dat was niet bepaald de standaard.

Gelukkig herkent Warner Bros. de kansen van onze gevleugelde vriend en kondigde ze al snel het vervolg, Batman: Arkham City aan. We hebben al eerder aardig wat screenshots en details bekend kunnen maken, maar nu hebben we wel een heleboel details kunnen opgraven over deze game dankzij onze collega’s bij De volgende details zijn bekend gemaakt na een exclusief artikel van UK Publication Games Master:

– Patrolling Arkham City helicopter is compared to Read Dead Redemption’s train. “Bats can grapple on for a free lift”.

Gang/Faction Wars
– Arkham City’s gang wars aren’t “dynamic like an RTS”.
– Compares them to Ivy’s influence on the environment in Arkham Asylum. As a faction takes control in the story, it changes the nature of the district.
– “Gang wars aren’t a game system, it’s a narrative system.”

The Riddler
– Batman interrogated a Riddler thug, this revealed 3 riddler trophies on the map. “One’s easy, one’s cerebral and one’s hard”
– First trophy involves glide kicking through a wooden fence.
– The second trophy gets you standing on a pressure plate to open up a mantrap holding the trophy tight before snagging it with a batclaw.
– Riddler then communicates with you via a projection. He then reveals the location of a hostage.
– “The chamber of horrors itself is straight out The Pit and the Pendulum, all gigantic rotating blades and electrified floor panels.”

The Penguin
– Penguin has no bird like mannerisms.
– First mission involving Penguin has you rescuing Police officers from his “museum”.
– Penguin has a cockney accent.
– Penguin lines include: “You ere’ for the cops, Batman… or me?” – “If someone wants it, I like to think I got it.. and if I don’t have it, I’ll get it.”
– Penguin then orders his thugs to take out Batman.
– Thugs throw things at Batman only for him to catch them and throw them back.

Crime Alley/Park Row
– Going to the backstreet behind the Monarch Theatre triggers a Two-Face dialogue (we believe they meant Hugo Strange). “How does it feel Wayne, to stand on the very stones that ran with your parents’ blood? Are you sad? Full of rage? Or does that outfit help bury your feelings? Hiding your true self, you are truly extraordinary specimen – I look forward to breaking you.”
– Flowers lay in the backstreet, click on them makes Batman kneel to pay silent tribute to his parents. Music plays in the background.

Abramovici Twins
– Joker’s one armed thug and Penguin’s one armed thug were once conjoined twins. They’re called the “Abramovici Twins”.

Dit alles ziet er veelbelovend uit, wij kunnen in ieder geval niet meer wachten op dit vervolg van één van de beste superhelden games ooit.