De populaire First Person Shooter Killzone 3 heeft vandaag een nieuwe patch gekregen. Ditmaal is het versie 1.10 die zich opdringt als je de game in je PlayStation 3 doet.

Naast een paar fixes en verbeteringen brengt Killzone patch 1.10 ook een paar nieuwe features met zich mee. Wat deze patch allemaal bevat kan je hieronder lezen.

Patch 1.10 is here! This version introduces a large number of fixes and new features based on your feedback. Please consult the patch list below to see what’s changed. Patch 1.10 will be released today for SCEE and SCEA territories, with SCEJ following soon.

Custom Games, Part 2. Additional information can be found at the bottom of the article, but it will include: choosing abilities, weapons and careers, as well as toggling functionality such as ribbons, skills and explosives.

Squad Only Chat. This is still an experimental feature and may not always function as expected.

Playing Audio/Music from your PS3 during MP games.

Marksman Improvements:
Cloak rippling effect has been increased.
Cloak now ripples with increased intensity when firing non silenced weapons.
Transition from uncloaked to cloaked has been extended.
A cloak fade transition between moving and not-moving has been introduced (player no longer snaps out of view).

Distance Indicator for off-screen medics.

Matchmaking. We will now make players switch faction automatically at the end of a round if teams are unbalanced. Note that this will only affect players that are not in a squad or that have sent an invite to create a squad, and that it will not happen at all in Clan games or Custom Games.

You can now only submit another grief report for the same person if at least 7 minutes have elapsed since the previous one.

Single Player Campaign
Icy Incursion/Providence Bay: Cutscene between last two sections has overlapping audio.

Stahl Arms: Fixed Helghast Bots running into the ISA basecamp to get killed by base turrets.

User Interface
Silent Footsteps icon skill now displays properly.
Updated invitation messages for squad invites.
Clans: Tournament boards for ‘All Time’ now update properly.
Player’s PSN ID is shown in the lobby instead of the PS3 console’s user name.
Fixed the Statistics screen – progression bars update properly now.
Implemented a minimum match count (15 matches) for Clans to enter the Leaderboard.

Improved performance on Salamun Market.
Fixed an issue where a squad invite would send players to the wrong squad.
Clans: Fixed a crash upon entering a clan match and immediately quitting the match.
When entitled to the “3 unlock points” bonus multiple times you’ll now receive all those unlock points at once instead of only 3 each time you log in.
Exoskeletons no longer look broken after repairing them and getting in.
Some audio fixes for Brutal Melee.
Fixed several graphical glitches.
Fixed several collision issues and spots where players were able to escape the bounds of the map – in Kaznan Jungle, Pyrrhus Crater, Akmir Snowdrift, Bilgarsk Boulevard, MAWLR Graveyard and Bloodgracht.
Akmir Snowdrift: Fixed issues where ISA members were able to reach the Helghast basecamp and also reach the second objective area, during the first round of Operations.
MAWLR Graveyard: Fixed an issue where ISA sentry drones would crash en route to the spawn location.
Stahl Arms: Altered the boundaries for the western capture point to make them more realistic.
The Junkyard: Fixed a couple of ammo crates that were unreachable from certain sides.
Frozen Dam: Fixed the issue of ISA players being able to deliver the speaker through the floor by jumping on top of an ammo crate.

Warzone Mission Timers can now be altered. Added times varying from 4 to 60 minutes for missions.
Guerrilla Warfare received additional options to the Kill Count: 10, 25, 75, 100 and 200 kills.
Scavenge and Retrieve were removed from the Warzone game mode list, as it is not playable in Warzone.

This is a new field where you can choose options for Unlocks. The three options are:
As Unlocked (Default): This will take the career unlocks you’ve earned online and give you access to them in the custom games.
Lock All: Nothing is unlocked, simulating what a player would see if they started the game at Rank 1 with no unlock points.
Unlock All: Everything is unlocked, as it is in Botzone.
Custom Unlocks: Configure Unlocks the way you want them.

By default all careers are ‘ON’. You can turn every career ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ that, but one career must be selectable at all times.

Other game settings can be configures here. Options available to you are:
Primary Weapons: Choose between All Weapons/Only Rank 1 Weapons/Rank 1 & 2 Weapons.
Secondary Weapons: Choose between All Weapons/Only Rank 1 Weapons/Rank 1 & 2 Weapons. Please note that this will be grayed out if ‘Lock All’ is selected under Career Unlocks.
Primary Abilities: Choose between All Abilities/Only Rank 1 Abilities/Rank 1 & 2 Abilities.
Secondary Abilities: Choose between All Abilities/Only Rank 1 Abilities/Rank 1 & 2 Abilities. Please note that this will be grayed out if ‘Lock All’ is selected under Career Unlocks.
Explosives: Choose between All Explosives/Grenades Only /Prox. Mines Only/None.
Friendly Fire: Choose ON or OFF.
Skills: Choose ON or OFF.
Ribbons: Choose ON or OFF.
Melee: Choose ON or OFF. This can turn off all forms of Melee, including Brutal Melee and Rifle Butts.

Enhanced Mission Settings
Each mission mode in Warzone has an additional setting to configure:
Assassination – Survive Time: This will add 2, 3, 4 and 5 minutes.
Search and Retrieve – Speaker Returns: This will allow for additional or less returns (1, 2, 4 and 5 returns).
Search and Destroy – Diffuse-Place Explosive Time: This will allow for a modifier to adjust the time (half time, double time, triple time).
Bodycount – Kill Count in Warzone: This will allow for additional kills (50, 75, 100 or 200).
Capture and Hold – Capture Points: This will allow for more or less points needed to win.