Hacktivistengroep Anonymous heeft een interview afgegeven omtrent alle commotie dit jaar met het hacken. Hierbij laten ze ook weten hoe ze nu tegenover Sony staan.

Gelukkig voor Sony is Anonymous klaar met ze en zullen ze geen aanvallen meer plegen richting de elektronicafabrikant. Anonymous zegt namelijk dat er nu niets meer te halen valt voor hun.

“We are no longer attacking Sony, there is nothing more to gained right now from continued attacks except unpopularity.”

Ook benadrukken ze dat Anonymous nooit de intentie heeft gehad om de gamers op het PlaySation Network te benadelen. Hun doelstelling was namelijk om voor de rechten van de gamers op te komen tegenover Sony, zo laten ze weten.

“Our intention with our initial attacks on the PSN was that of a sit-in, preventing traffic to their service in order to protest their actions. We didn’t want to piss off the consumers as they were the ones whose rights we were campaigning for. Sony were removing true ownership of the console, as well as prosecuting hackers, and we were trying to spread this information to the consumers.

Instead of listening or reading what our cause was they just became butthurt. Their annoyance is understandable, but their actions were selfish as they cared more about immediate pleasure receival than they did about their rights as a consumer (and the rights of the hacker).”

Wat verder nog opvalt is hoe Anonymous denkt over de recente aanvallen van LulzSec op onder andere de MMO’s EVE en MineCraft. Ze staan hier totaal niet achter, omdat de doelstellingen van Anonymous dit niet beamen.

“There is no support for Lulz Security’s actions of disrupting MMO’s ‘for the lulz.’ Anonymous, as a group, is about activism in defence of certain rights, and the lulz that can be had while doing this. This doesn’t follow or achieve this. Though, individual Anons are free to do what they want.”