Trophies: Guitar Hero: Smash Hits


  • The Greatest Journey In History –  Complete a song in every venue.
  • You Cannot Beat Me –  Win an online Pro Face-Off match by 25,000 points or more.
  • Jaw Dropper –  Win an online Face-Off match by 25,000 points or more.
  • You Should Be Afraid –  Win an online Face-Off match.
  • One For All –  Complete a song in a Band (4 players).
  • Rocker’s Guide To Godhood –  Complete the Career Tutorial.
  • The Greatest Crew –  Complete a song with all Band members on Expert (4 player Band).
  • Golden Fingers –  Perform as the Guitarist.
  • Play With Me –  Play 20 online matches.
  • Low-Pitched King –  Complete the Career as the Bassist.
  • Thunder Kissing –  Trigger Star Power simultaneously (4 player Band).
  • Craving For More –  Download a song from GHTunes(SM).
  • I Wanna Rock –  Complete a song with any instrument on any difficulty in local Quickplay or Career.
  • Promising Diva –  Perform as the Vocalist.
  • Band Leader –  Score the highest individual score in a 4 players Band.
  • Unyielding –  Complete the Career as the Drummer.
  • Wondrous Strummer –  Complete the Career as the Guitarist.
  • Bark At The Moon –  Complete the Career as the Vocalist.
  • Unnoticed Presence –  Perform as the Bassist.
  • War Apparatus –  Complete a song on Expert + (Drums only).
  • Master Craftsman –  Create a new custom instrument.
  • Artist On The Rise –  Create a new custom Band logo.
  • Masterpiece –  Create a new custom rocker.
  • Mooned –  Perform as the Drummer.
  • There’s Hope! –  Recover from a poor performance.
  • Clash Of The Titans –  Win a Band vs. Band match (8 players).
  • Ink And Blood –  Create a custom tattoo.
  • Glory to the Daring –  Play a song in the Atlantis venue.
  • Face To Face –  Win an online Pro Face-Off match.
  • Rock Veteran –  Play 150 songs throughout your entire Career.
  • Smoking!!! –  Complete the song Smoke On The Water as a Vocalist.
  • Deadzone –  Fail a song with available Star Power in single player.

  • Rock Legends –  Complete the Career in a Band (2-4 players).
  • Cowboys From Hell –  Get 100% on a song as a Band (4 players).
  • The One Man Band –  Complete all four instrument careers on any difficulty.
  • Killing In The Name –  Win 50 online matches.

  • Amazing Rockstar –  Complete single player Expert Career on all instruments.

  • Complete! Trophy –  Earn all of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies.
  1.    1749 XP
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    Wanneer komt deze uit ?

  2.    6 XP
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    hij is al uit de amerikaanse versie dan morgen of overmorgen komt de europese versie uit dus

  3.    6677 XP
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    Vette tropies:D

  4.    4204 XP
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    Jullie weten ook niet waar de secret trophies bijhoren?