De PlayStation Vita is op komst en het is bekend dat deze nieuwe handheld geen 3D-technologie bevat. De reden hiervoor is eigenlijk heel simpel volgens Sony: ze willen geen slechte 3D kwaliteit leveren aan de consumenten.

“At the time we were looking at Vita, there were several issues. One was the quality of the glasses-free 3D screens. It can work very well on small screens, but to get the best effect, you need to keep your head very, very still.

Now with a handheld gaming device and Vita having Sixaxis motion control in it, there may be gameplay where you’re moving the Vita around. And if you’re doing that and having glasses-free 3D, the two things don’t sit very well together.

We wanted to offer a really, really high-resolution OLED screen, and the best way to do that was in 2D. At least for the first one.”

Mick Hocking van Sony laat dit weten in een interview. Hij bedoelt hiermee dat een product de 3D-technologie moet krijgen als het wat extra’s toevoegt. Dit idee geven ze ook mee aan de ontwikkelaars.

“When people see 3D that doesn’t work very well, or content that isn’t very compelling, I think quite naturally they’re not as interested in it.

A message we’ve been giving to all of our PS3 developers is add 3D where it adds something to the game. It’s not a tickbox we want on all the game boxes; we want 3D to add to the experience. The other really important thing is to do it well.”