De Final Fantasy reeks is zeer groots en gaat nog groter worden met een nieuw deel: Final Fantasy XIII-2. Eerder vandaag hebben we jullie al een sprankeltje hoop kunnen laten zien, omdat de game grafisch iets beter oogt op de PlayStation 3 dan op de Xbox-360.

Op dit moment hebben we ook nog weer enkele nieuwe details van de game voor jullie. Het betreft hier enkele karakters in de game, maar ook enkele nieuwe aspecten die we in de game terug zullen zien. We hebben voor jullie alle details even op een rijtje gezet en je kan ze hieronder bewonderen.

  • Hope: The design of Hope, as was shown in the trailer, the TGS 2011, corresponds to a 24-year-old young man – so 10 years after the story of FFXIII, which Hope’s immense change can certainly be explained. He is in a sense, the head of a scientific research group is, therefore, regard his responsibility entirely to the father. The group conducts research for other energy sources away from the fal’Cie. Due to this research, he knows about time travel Zerah know.
  • Noel: As already revealed, Noel Kreiss comes from the future as the last remaining human existence. According to Famitsu, he has due to the time-paradox, some memory problems. But even before the contact with Serah, he lived in a world with human activities could not just irritate.
  • Kaias: As an antagonist of Final Fantasy XIII-2, both the world of the dead Lightnings, and the current time, which is located in Zerah, can not avoid its negative influences.
  • Yuru: The only character who was introduced by the new TGS trailer. It has deep-rooted connections with Kaias and thus counts as the main character. Yuru was designed by Hideo Minaba, which is also responsible for the adult clothing from Hope.
  • Chaos: Did you by chance the black smoke seen in the TGS trailer, which makes it seem as if it came from Lightning and Noel? This is chaos, even if we further details are not available, except that it can be associated with Valhalla.
  • Violence: The game will include some extreme scenes, which do not reach the level of Final Fantasy Type-0, in which one can not use the blood-red color just rare.
  • Quick-time events: Do you not want to QTEs? Do not worry, because even if you let down your motor skills will have an extremely low failure-game effects.
  • Kristarium: Did you have restrictions in Final Fantasy XIII can, as far as you develop your character for each chapter, you are now in the successor capable of properly at the beginning powern to your characters.
  • Party: During the fight, although it is still not able to monitor every action of your characters individually, but you have to choose your leader, and thus to change playable heroes during the struggle. If the remainder go to the bottom of the leader, you will no longer blinded by a frustrating game over.