Het is je misschien al opgevallen, maar misschien ook nog niet. Zodra je nu Assassin’s Creed: Revelations in je PlayStation 3 doet zul je een update genaamd 1.02 krijgen. Hierin worden enkele bugs in de game gefixed en Ubisoft heeft zojuist de gehele lijst met bug fixes vrijgegeven.

Zowel de singleplayer als de multiplayer zijn even flink onder de loep genomen en Ubisoft hoop zo het speel plezier een stuk aangenamer te maken. Hoe groot de update is weten we niet, maar wel is de gehele lijst van bug fixes hier beneden te aanschouwen.

Single Player:

  • FIXED – challenge the Assassins Guild: A maximum of 11/12 Assassins are trained and this prevents the fulfillment of an Achievement / Trophy a
  • FIXED – When it comes to a fight with Tarik while he is surrounded by Janissaries comes, it may happen that he is surrounded by invisible walls.
  • FIXED – A rare crash that can occur when the player tries to escape the guards while he is in range of parties to a contested
  • FIXED – Assassins signals are not being recharged shortly after they enter the fast travel system has been activated.
  • FIXED – If the first apprentice assassin be killed before the player has the mission “The Little Prince” started, the players remained in the Mediterranean defense screen hang indefinitely.
  • FIXED – After Level up to level 12, the mission can not be completed successfully.
  • FIXED – Inficolor option not implemented
  • FIXED – The hard defense mode is triggered too often
  • FIXED – The cursor at the hard-defense is not displayed if the HUD is turned off.
  • FIXED – The Achievement / Trophy, the “amateur strategists” will not forgive, despite the fulfillment of the parameters.
  • FIXED – The player is in a dome hanging if he lands with a parachute on it.
  • FIXED – Certain missions will be displayed in synchronicity with 100% of the DNA, although they were finished with only 50%.
  • FIXED – The Achievement / Trophy, the “Fond Memories” was not forgiven even if all the sequences were abgeschlosssen with 100% synchronicity.
  • FIXED – Rare crash when the end credits of the game.


  • FIXED – While you are in a conflict is open and throwing knives used in a VIP can lead to crashes.
  • FIXED – Japanese and Korean languages ​​were not recognized in the English synchronization.
  • FIXED – In an attempt smoke bombs against two persons at a time to use the game crashes occasionally.
  • FIXED – Players can not use a litter capabilities without the cooldown of this ability to influence.
  • FIXED – Some Character Achievements / Trophies were not released even if the criteria are met.
  • FIXED – The coffer hunting mode was terminated when the host of the game was killed. C
  • FIXED – SERIAL KILLER challenge was not properly awarded.
  • FIXED – The Achievements / Trophies “The Vulture” and “Stopped Dead” were not awarded properly.
  • FIXED – Problems in the news section in multiplayer.
  • FIXED – Players who have been killed under certain circumstances, can not respawn.
  • FIXED – Fixed crash when the card rematch Mont St. Michel in the artifact-attack mode.
  • FIXED – Fixed crash when the group of four starters in a group leaves the game.
  • FIXED – A player who follows his friends into a match, brings the results screen at the end of a round of freeze leper.
  • FIXED – A player that was watched by two pursuers hanging and is subsequently killed with an honorable death can not respawn.
  • FIXED – “Honorable Death” Music is played continuously.
  • FIXED – Players sometimes get caught in the stun animation.