Grote blogs in Amerika gooien hands-on online met de PS Vita

Weblogs als Engadget en Mashable zijn een autoriteit in Amerika als het gaat om meningen over nieuwe gadgets. Vandaag hebben onder andere deze twee blogs dan ook een hands-on online gezet, beide ontzettend interessant om te lezen. We hebben de belangrijkste hands-ons van de beste schrijvers voor je op een rijtje gezet hieronder. Let wel dat de hands-on’s in het Engels zijn.

Engadget PS Vita hands-on

We were only able to spend a few minutes with the Vita’s user interface, but what we saw impressed. The UI makes full use of the system’s touchscreen, building an XMB-free interface that plays on our familiarity with smartphones, yet still manages to feel fresh.

Mashable PS Vita hands-on

In short, the Vita is an extremely cool and innovative little handled console. The augmented reality and front and back touch capabilities allow a world of possibilities, as do the connectivity features.

Wired PS Vita hands-on

Is the Vita worth your time? In our minds, yes — it’s positioned to be the most powerful and most promising dedicated handheld games console on the shelves. Sony’s plans for augmented reality and social gaming features make it more than a simple gaming device though, and everything from the aesthetics to the overall build quality make the Vita an easy recommendation.

PCMag PS Vita hands-on

The PS Vita is an impressive piece of technology, but we won’t know how it fares against the Nintendo 3DS and mobile gaming until it comes out.

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