Naughty Dog heeft aangekondigd dat er binnen 24 uur een nieuwe patch voor Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception te downloaden is. De patch zorgt er onder andere voor dat er geen granaten meer kunnen worden gegooid wanneer er een object wordt gedragen. Ook komt de patch met de nodige technische wijzigen voor de binnenkort te verschijnen Co-Op Shade Survival Mode. Hieronder zie je de volledige lijst met veranderingen.


  • Players can now consistently earn the Return To Sender medal
  • Players can now consistently earn the Hot Potato medal
  • Players are now able to melee when automatically reloading a gun
  • Players can no longer throw grenades while carrying an object


  • Enemy AI now dies appropriately at the end of each Co-Op Arena round for players.
  • Mute functionality has been improved; players should no longer be able to hear the other player on either side of the mute action
  • Fixed an exploit with thrown objects being used to escape the level boundaries
  • In Elimination in TDM, players will no longer initially spawn in the last location their buddy spawned


  • Late-joiners to multiplayer games no longer have a new set of power weapons when entering a game
  • Fixed a rare issue in which certain users were inappropriately kicked out of a non-DLC matchmaking game