Gamer ontwikkelt toffe Battlefield 3 posters voor de gamekamer

Helaas ben ik niet één van die gelukkige mensen met een kamer gewijd puur aan hun hobby: gamen. Maar voor de mensen die dat wel hebben, zijn de onderstaande posters, gecreëerd door fanatieke gamer en grafisch ontwerper Terry Mack, zeker een flinke aanrader.

De posters zijn stuk voor stuk verkrijgbaar in diverse afmetingen, tot de proporties van 71 x 101 centimeter. Helaas komen deze posters wel met een aardig prijskaartje, de posters variëren namelijk, afhankelijk van het formaat, van 17 dollar tot 50 dollar per stuk. Voor de mensen die daar niet zo’n zin in hebben zijn de afbeeldingen zelf hier te bekijken, voor de zeer schappelijke prijs van € 0,00.

Boxshot Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3

  1. Anoniem -'s avatar

    vind ze niet zo speciaal

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    niet echt mijn smaak

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    Vind ze erg mooi gedaan maar ik betaal niet voor posters. Daarvoor zijn goodies.

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    Die van “if ypu got it, drop it” zegt wel veel over sommige gasten: I need a medic … IGNORE

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    Mooie posters! 🙂

    @xFatalz: Indeed. xD

  6. Anoniem -   
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    This is a very interesting csaimrpoon! Both are running at the same slightly sub-HD resolution yet details are noticably sharper on the PS3. Textures go to the PS3 so XBots like Traxxx can take their comments and shove them up their ass for all I care on that matter. There is no way you can look at the wall close up on the first page and the gun close up on the second page and claim any different.On the other hand the PS3 seems to be suffering from gamma issues, which can be adjusted, and the extra bloom effect needs to be scaled back a bit as it does tend to wash out the sharper image of that the PS3 indeed has. Overall, I’m giving visuals a tie due to the bloom effect on the PS3 being to aggressive.Both versions perform like crap with to much tearing. The 360 tears less, but XBots really have no room to brag when it still has as high an average as 14%. It looks like DICE has some work to do before the final release, but I won’t lose hope from a beta csaimrpoon. Time and time again I have seen performance numbers and visuals look much better with a final release when compared to the original beta version.Thanks for the Beta csaimrpoon LoT! Looking forward to the final analysis a great deal. VN:R_U [1.9.10_1130]Please log in to rate this comment(16 votes cast)VN:R_U [1.9.10_1130](from 17 votes)

  7. Anoniem -   
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    this is the game they always want to okmethaose that include sniper rifles with red dot sights?and recons that isnt doing any recon?and people how dosent give a dame abaut the objective?and i always get shoot from behind whys thatthis was on xbox if im getting this its gona be on pcwhy? becuse consol gamers played cod befor bf3 and the pc gamers played the bf series.and hopefully theres a realism server where u get banned for doing stupid cod shit.

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    Dude than u know nothing about Battlefield . Bad coampny was a series alone ( cool but fucked up ) It was all about bf2 and the bf games before . Just saying my opinion and comments r not made for u to come and say who should keep quiet and who should talk So Sr if u felt offended of my comment in a way -.-