Vooral voor de mensen onder ons die bekend zijn met 3d modelling is het volgende bericht interessant, maar ook voor de mensen die er niks van af weten zijn de volgende foto’s leuk om te zien. Kenichiro “Yoshi” Yoshimura, een modeler voor de game Bayonetta heeft zijn werk aan de game vrijgegeven voor het grote publiek, zodat we kunnen zien wat voor bloed zweet en tranen er aan ten pas zijn gekomen.

This is the wireframe for Bayonetta.

What I focused on was how to best express the character designs that Mari Shimazaki had drawn – her long limbs and petite head, as well as the beauty of her feminine lines. I have looked at many foreign models for reference in my line of work, and there are people actually proportioned like Bayonetta.

I also made a normal map for Bayonetta, something that has become a sort of de rigueur technique for current generation games. Normal maps are a technique that allow you to fake expressing the small bumps that are often hard to represent on a model.

I used normal maps in a tool called ZBrush to create the wrinkles, as well as other bumps and creases, converted it to a 2d image, and then applied to the model. Which leads us to this…

All done !

I really wanted to get Bayonetta’s backside perfect. I guess I am into that sort of thing…

Bayonetta’s face: She is really attractive, yet dangerous, so I wanted to get that across without over-doing it. She is beautiful, but she can’t be pandering. Those sorts of things are really hard to pull off, let me tell you. So I would draw some sketches as I worked and eventually arrived at a final design as I was modeling.

Since Bayonetta is obviously a woman, I made sure to consult with another woman, Mari Shimazaki, about how her makeup should look. As a guy, I haven’t the slightest idea where to even begin with something like that.

So… That is how I modeled Bayonetta. Of course, it is much easier to write about than actually do. But I think she came together through a knowledge of anatomy, 3D space, and lots of hard work (that’s the important part)!

Hoge resolutie foto’s zijn hier te vinden