In een FAQ van het Europese PlayStation Blog lezen we wel iets opmerkelijks. Sony vertelt namelijk dat ze tijdens de GamesCom iets aan zullen kondigen wat betreft een Video-on-Demand Service voor enkele landen in de Europese regio. Tevens wordt er gesproken over Vidzone wat al een tijdje beschikbaar is in de grotere Europese landen. We wachten geduldig af.

When will Europe get a video and music download service?

We recently launched VidZone – a great EU first, free of charge music video streaming service. We have received very positive feedback and are thrilled with its successful launch, with over 1 million downloads in less than 8 weeks.

At Games Convention in August last year, we announced that we had a long-term plan to launch a video on demand service for some countries in the SCEE region. This is still our plan, and as soon as we have all the details locked down, one of my colleagues who is working on the programme will give you an update on when and what will be available.

I hope that answers some of your immediate questions. Keep the comments and feedback coming, and I look forward to updating you as and when I have more information to share.