Op Amazon is de pagina van Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII voorzien van een update inclusief releasedatum. Er is ook een productbeschrijving bijgevoegd, deze kun je hieronder ook bekijken. De releasedatum is door Amazon gezet op 29 maart 2013.

Of het hier om een placeholder gaat is natuurlijk altijd moeilijk in te schatten. Als tegengewicht hebben we alleen wel het bericht van Famitsu waarin vermeld werd dat de game nog maar voor 30 procent klaar is. De game zelf werd onthuld afgelopen september tijdens de 25th Anniversary van Final Fantasy.

Bekijk de game op Amazon hier met dank aan CVG.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is a new Final Fantasy adventure that gives the player direct control over iconic heroine Lightning in a constantly moving, expansive environment, on a quest to save a doomed world from complete destruction. How will you spend your final days?

Lightning under your control: Lightning will be the playable character – with a highly evolved range of techniques for battles and exploring the environment. Customise Lightning with a large range of different outfits and weapons; that affect not only the way she looks, but also her actions and abilities.

Action-orientated combat: A new battle system gives a level of direct control over the action unlike any Final Fantasy game, while having iconic elements that are known and loved throughout the series too.

A constantly moving, beautiful world: Stunning artistic direction depicts a doomed world filled with choice and diversity. Living, expansive environments featuring a rising and setting sun provide unique experiences for every player.

Use your time well: A world on a course for total annihilation presents unique challenges; where certain areas, missions, and people will only be available during selected periods. How will you use your remaining time?

A connected experience: Stay connected to Final Fantasy and its characters, with unique features that link the in-game world to the real world.