Topic: can you queue up multiple videos with media player in a PS3?

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I can’t wrap my head around this and any searches I do online refer to the media center connectivity of the PS3 so I figured I’ll ask here.
If I want to load up a bunch of videos on my PS3 and have the player just play them all in a row, how can I do that? Say I want to have a collection of music videos playing off it, how do I tell the PS3 video player to play multiple files? All I can get it to do right now is play each file one at a time and when it’s finished I have to click on the next video manually. I can copy them and stuff, but what I actually want to do is just play them all like a playlist.
Anyone know how?
I have a PS3 slim by the way, if that makes a difference. I have noticed slight differences in the operating system between the original and the slim.


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    Maybe you can download TVersity, because the standard PS3 media player isn’t designed for playlist. I haven’t actually tested it myself, but you can give it a try.